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Premier Clinic is among the finest aesthetic clinic in Malaysia. We specialise in corrective skin, body and hair treatments that can help you feel confident in your own skin at any age.

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Premier Clinic is a multiple award-winning company. Experience the latest aesthetic technology and techniques, all tailored to your individual goals.

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Inspired by the natural human instinct of wanting to feel and look the best. Premier Clinic is passionate about helping you achieve true change.

Our Services

With years of training and experience, our 9 doctors are highly adept and well-qualified to attend to your aesthetic needs.

Face Because confidence starts from a flawless, radiant face.

From laser to injectables, we offer premium medical-grade solutions to bring out your inner beauty. Discover how we can make your skin flawless, glowing, and youthful!

Hair Regain the glorious crown

From acute to severe hair loss, we have the technologies and procedures to help restore it. Done by expert doctors who have won local & international awards on hair restoration.

Body Reimagine the new you

Embark on body transformation journey with us. Enlarge or slim down your body is possible with our many treatments. Click to find out which one suits you best.

Men & Women Reignite the fire in bedroom

Check out our "His & Hers" personalized treatments to increase sexual performances. Safe, effective and totally confidential.

Our Services

With years of training and experience, our 9 doctors are highly adept and well-qualified to attend to your aesthetic needs.

Men & Women

Signature Treatment

Inspired by the natural human instinct of wanting to feel and look the best. Premier Clinic is passionate about helping you achieve true change.

Hair Treatment

FUE Hair Transplant

The solution for hair loss problems. Minimally invasive and no stitches will be required during the procedure.

Face Lift Treatment


Look 10 years younger without any surgery, needles or stitches!

What customer love about us

Real customers, real treatments and real results!

"No more CELLULITE on my stomach!"

No more cellulite on my stomach! I have done the procedure 6 months ago after giving birth to my son. The treatment really flattens out my lower part of my abdomen and reduce the cellulite appearance which really hard to get rid off.

- Amber Lee, 43



- 小侨, 32

"I've lost 5 INCHES in just 1 1/2 month"

I have lost 5 inches so far in just 1 1/2 month. I went for the Clatuu after it was recommended by a friend. He has lost some incredible weight and I am on the way to lose it too. Overall very satisfied.

- Damien, 35

"My skin is smoother, tighter and glowing!"

I had to wait a bit in the morning because of the queue. But the doctor was very accommodating & professional. My skin texture now has become smoother, tighter and glowing. I love my result!

- William, 34


我很爱自拍,无论怎么减,双下巴都在。我太喜欢现在的自己,我终于可以摆脱人们说双下巴是福气。谢谢MK 的Dr Foo。

- 吴小姐, 28

“Overall, nice ambience and place.”

Very helpful both assistant and doctor. Dr Foo is very good. Had Mesolipo treatment today. Can't wait to see the final result in two weeks time.They accommodate your needs and desire and they know what to do. Definitely will come again for other treatments.

- Mohd Hazim, 28



- 林雯雯, 30



- 陈晓岚, 26

“My skin look brighter and feel smoother”

Great service, Very professional doctor and staff. I have done my laser hair removal with Dr Jaswine. The whole process are very comfortable. They are friendly too!! Knowledgeable and price is affordable too ~ Will definitely suggest this clinic to you all 🙂

- Reachell Alphonsus, 32

“The result looks natural!"

I tried many procedures before, but none of them really totally remove my double chin, like Ultherapy. Ultherapy tightened my skin, so beside the double chin removal, it also helps to lift my face.

- Jani, 42



- 周女士, 50



- 蔡小姐, 33

“I can wear my bikini confidently now!"

Totally worth it. Undergo full body hair removal and looking absolutely outstanding. After 4 sessions of hair laser removal, I don’t need to shave anymore.

- Yumi N, 36

“I have managed to lose 16kg & still losing!”

I am a patient of Premier Clinic Mont Kiara and attended by Dr Foo. I have had many problems with weight management despite trying multiple diet programs and exercises. After going through their weight management program, I have managed to lose 16kg (and still losing!) and keep it off. Very friendly staff, homey ambience and motivating doctor. Highly recommended!.

- Carol Ling, 36

"No more unwanted fat on my stomach”

I am very happy with the outcome. As I get older I have found it harder to reduce my problem areas, especially after giving birth to my children. I did a lot of reading before I decided to try Coolsculpting in Premier Clinic. I try as much as I can to avoid any surgical procedure due to the long downtime. This treatment is very simple yet effective.

- Haslinda, 34

"My skin healed within a few days.”

I had a skin fungal infection on my face and neck which was itching and stinging by the time I went to Premier Clinic. I've been to a normal GP before this but the medications that were prescribed did not help. I am glad I've gone to Premier Clinic to get the professional treatment that I needed. The team in Premier Clinic were all very professional and pleasant. Thank you and I will definitely be back for other treatments and such.

- Stephanie Ooi, 32


效果明显,持久。太喜欢Dr Kee 帮我看起来更青春有活力。

- 罗微欣, 35

"My lips will look plump and yet it looks so natural”

I always wanted to have plump lips but too scared to do it as it might not give the natural look that I want. After consultation with Dr Nigel. I just give it a try. The result was amazing. Thanks Dr Nigel definitely will recommend my friend to look for you 😊

- Lily Albert, 33

"Notice great changes with an only one-time treatment.”

Satisfied with the service and treatment here with Dr Michelle Lai. Consulted and did vaginal tightening laser last month and notice great changes with only one-time treatment. Couldn't express my happiness with wordings. I wiill definitely come back for treatment again.

- Sephenie Kang, 40

"Skin tags are gone”

The Premier Clinic staff are wonderful and able to allay my apprehension as it is my first laser treatment for removal of skin tags and wart removal on my neck. Dr Vanessa is very careful and gentle throughout the treatment. The whole experience is very good. I am now considering doing other treatments with them.

- Suzanne Huang, 35

"No more bald patches on my scalp”

I am 100% impressed with the changes. Did FUE transplant with Dr Foo. The treatment really improved my hair texture and trigger healthy hair follicles growth.

- Lilian, 42

"It works well! No more double chin”

I always upset with my double chin. I did Clatuu for my double chin here. It works well! Thank you so much, Dr Nigel and team, who are so caring, polite and professional!

- Justine Ong, 38

"It can clearly see each time that it gets better.”

I have skin acne with folliculitis with my chin part. And I have done 4 times session with some injection. Doctor and nurses are so wonderful and have professionalism. Its good place for the patient who has an acne problem.

- 이장환, 29
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Experience the latest aesthetic technology and techniques,
all tailored to your individual goals.

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