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Dr Nigel Ong



Dr Nigel Ong is one of our Premier Clinic senior doctor based in KL City branch. Dr Nigel is a certified body sculptor, specialising in CoolSculpting, HCG and other slimming procedures. He is also an expert in injectables (inclusive but not limited to fillers & botulinum toxins), genital health and STDs, and anti-aging solutions.

Dr Nigel’s patients describe him as an amiable, exuberant personality with vast range of experiences. Dr Nigel warmth and casual friendliness compels them to open up in regards of their concerns and aesthetic problems with him, and they would often receive positive feedback in return. As a result, Dr Nigel’s customer satisfaction rate is quite impressive, charted the top among the doctors. His familiarity with the patients is also proven in his high rate of referral patients.


Dr Nigel is a graduate of First Moscow State Medical University in Russia to attain his Medical Degree. Dr Nigel is trained in general health and genital health including STD treatments. He is also well trained in different kind of facial surgeries such as excision of lesions, skin grafting and wound care management. Dr Nigel is a certified doctor in basic life support, advance life support, and neonatal resuscitation program.

Intrigued by his passion in aesthetic practices, he continued his study in American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and earned his official certificate. As an aesthetic practitioner, he is a certified doctor for many major treatments such as CoolSculpting, facial augmentation and stem cell therapy.

In the aggregate, Dr Nigel has had a long 8 years of experiences in medicinal practices including his time servicing in major hospitals in the country inclusive of Ampang Hospital, Ipoh Hospital and Serdang Hospital before joining Premier Clinic in early 2017. Being in different faculties of the hospital gave him different perspicacity of patient’s needs and befitting treatments.

Dr Nigel recently underwent his LCP journey from the Ministry of Health to receive his acknowledgement from the body.

Dr Nigel’s interest in aesthetic stems from his love for people. He enjoys giving back to the society so he cherishes whenever he made a significant change to other person’s life. Dr Nigel believes that inner beauty reflects the outer appearance of a person, and helping them look better would increase their self-esteem.

As part of Premier Clinic doctors, Dr Nigel undergo continuous learning process by attending seminars and workshops available to widen his scope of proficiency.


Dr Nigel is actively participating in several medical associations to expand his network and knowledge among medicine practitioners. He is currently a member of Malaysia Medical Association (MMA), American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), SAAARMM Society of Anti-Aging, Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine Malaysia, and MSAM Malaysia Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

He is also an active member of MPCN – Medical Practitioners Coalition Association of Malaysia.


Dr Nigel describes himself as a true-blue traveller of the world. He enjoys absorbing riveting travelling experience from his journey where he assimilates himself into the culture of the place. Dr Nigel is also a music lover, and he is enjoys playing guitar and ukulele during his free time. “Music is an international language everyone likes. I can express my inner thought without even saying a word,” says Dr Nigel.

When he’s not travelling or playing guitar, he spends his time at the gym. “I love workout and gym. Workout not only for the sake of health but also to LOOK GOOD. Age does not mean anything to me, it is just a number. But appearance speaks everything. Human judge by first impressions. Hence external look is VERY important,” he casually spilled out the words.

Despite his interest in modern medication, Dr Nigel is also a very spiritual person. For him, religion is a basis of true virtue and it propels people to be a better person everyday.

As Chinese saying, live till old, learn till old. Every day is an opportunity to learn for Dr Nigel.

If you’d like to have a consultation session with Dr Nigel in regards of your aesthetic needs, kindly contact our friendly customer service representatives on Whatsapp or Call at 012-662-5552 or Email at contactus@premier-clinic.com.