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Fractional laser was very effective for my skin. Premier Clinic staffs are also friendly & nice. I love coming here.
Sean Chong
Famous Singer

Waaaa I didn’t even know laser can be done to reduce neck wrinkles! My skin is tighter after the treatment. Dr Foo is awesome!
阿咪 (Jamie Chu)
Famous Comedian / Actor

My skin immediately become better after 1 Chemical Peel treatment with Premier Clinic. I believe in their treatment!
小薇薇 (Wei Wei)
Local Chinese Singer / Performer

My skin becoming toink-toink-toink after doing treatment with Premier Clinic! Really recommended their service!
何芸妮 (Winnie Ho)
Popular Singer

Rambut saya sudah mula tumbuh di bahagian-bahagian botak dulu lepas buat PRP treatment di Premier Clinic.
Sufi Rashid
Popular Singer

Macam-macam treatment ada di Premier Clinic ni. Service pun memang Premium!
Akim Ahmad
Popular Singer, Actor

Abang fully recommended buat korang yang ada masalah rambut gugur,kepala korang yg dah hampir jadi padang jarak padang terkukur..kulit kusam..kulit muka dah macam kulit kayu dan yg sama waktu dengannya,boleh ler set appointment dengan Doktor Foo yg sempoi ni...tq so much @premierclinickl .
Along Cham
Famous Comedian, Actor

One with my doctor. It’s my third visit already because this place is just amazing. The staff & doctors are friendly and the treatments work perfectly for me hence why I keep coming back❤️ tap to check out their instagram.
Afifah Nasir
Popular Actress

Trip To Premier Clinic Nak review sikit pengalaman Nina dengan @premierclinicttdi baru-baru ni. Nina buat Pico Laser - the latest laser technology dalam aesthetic ni. Very good for your facial rejuvenation. Atau call no ni: +6012-662-5453
Azharina Azhar
Popular Singer, Winner of Multiple Awards

Well when you get to my age, some parts of your anatomy may need a bit of an external boost.⠀⠀ 😅😅😅⠀⠀I heard a lot about @premierclinickl so I dropped by to see the famous Dr Kee Yong Seng and he suggested that I try Radiesse, which is a cosmetic skin treatment used to treat specific areas of the face and hands. It stimulates your body's natural collagen, filling in wrinkles long term and helping your skin develop new collagen in the process.⠀And honestly, it doesn't hurt at all!⠀
Shaarin Razali
Social Media Celebrity

Yo yo yo.... So, hari ni I nak share dengan uols macam mana result #Ultherapy yang I buat bulan lepas. Sekarang I rasa kulit I lebih tegang, lebih firm, and less wrinkly. Nak try treatment ni? Special untuk u gais, @premierclinickl nak bagi FREE Trial worth RM600 untuk siapa-siapa yang like & share video Yasmin ni atau share their own procedure doing Ultherapy with Premier Clinic. Lepas like & share, just call diorang kat +6012-662-5552 untuk arrange your FREE session. Enjoy!
Yasmin Hani
Famous TV Personality

Happy Sunday, my #CHAYANGS ☀️ Stay tuned for a brand new video TONIGHT! x PS// a shout out to @premierclinickl for removing my syringomas! I’m still in the middle of the healing process & hopefully the scars would wear off soon 🙏🏼 Check out their Pico laser & electrocautery services!
Charis Sow
Popular Actress, Singer, TV Personality

What our clients say about us

"痘疤不见了, 皮肤嫩滑。帮我改善皮肤有如换了一层肌肤,那感觉抚摸起来真好。"
林建文, 3, Chemical Peel
"皮肤晶莹剔透,有光泽。通过Dr David 的处理我雀斑明显减少,皮肤透亮连我自己都照多两下镜子。"
Charlene, 15, Pico Laser
李建东, 23, Fractional laser
"I tried many procedure before, but none of them really totally remove my double chin, like Ultherapy. Ultherapy tightened my skin, so beside the double chin removal, it also helps to lift my face. And the result looks natural!"
Jani, 42, did Ultherapy for face in Premier Clinic Mont Kiara.
"Totally worth it. Undergo full body hair removal and looking absolutely outstanding. After 4 sessions of hair laser removal, I don’t need to shave anymore. I can wear my bikini confidently now!"
Yumi N, 36, did Candela Laser Hair Removal in Premier Clinic KL City.
"I am a patient of Premier Clinic Mont Kiara and attended by Dr Foo. I have had many problems with weight management despite trying multiple diet programs and exercises. After going through their weight management program, I have managed to lose 16kg (and still losing!) and keep it off. Very friendly staff, homey ambience and motivating doctor. Highly recommended! Maybe a bit on the pricey side, but well worth it!"
Carol Ling, 36, did Weight Loss Management Program in Premier Clinic Mont Kiara
"I had a skin fungal infection on my face and neck which was itching and stinging by the time I went to Premier Clinic. I've been to a normal GP before this but the medications that were prescribed did not help. I am glad I've gone to Premier Clinic to get the professional treatment that I needed. My skin healed within a few days. The team in Premier Clinic were all very professional and pleasant. Thank you and I will definitely be back for other treatments and such."
Stephanie Ooi, 32, did Skin Fungal Treatment in Premier Clinic TTDI.
"Try pico laser selepas consultation dgn Dr Diyana, hasil selepas rawatan pertama sangatlah memuaskan. Masalah liang roma besar terutamanya dibahagian hidup semakin ok. Harga pon affordable, rawatan dan servis juga sangan best. Yg paling penting warna kulit muka semakin sekata selepas toning laser. "
Hamim, 34, did Pico Laser in Premier Clinic TTDI
"Selepas mencuba kaedah rawatan Stem cell dibahagian kulit kepala, rambut gugur semakin kurang. Tiada lagi rambut bertaburan di lantai selepas menyikat rambut dan melekat di sofa. Saya semakin hensem dipuji keluarga dan kawan-kawan."
Hakim, 40, did Hair Stem Cell Therapy In Premier Clinic Mont Kiara
"Very helpful assistant and doctor. Dr Foo is very good. Had Mesolipo treatment today. Can't wait to see the final result in two weeks time. The only drawback is long waiting time after consultation as I had to wait for one hour for the injection to be carried out. Overall, nice ambience and place. They accommodate your needs and desire and they know what to do. Definitely will come again for other treatments."
Mohd Hazim, 28, did Mesolipo Injection in Premier Clinic Bangsar.
"Dr Foo is very friendly and helpful towards customers. He is willing to share out all the knowledge and details to solve customer's concerns. Furthermore, the staffs are very polite and provide great service to customers. They will even assist you out of working time. Strongly recommend their service to everyone!! Great Job 😊."
Stevie Lau, 31, did Hair Filler in Premier Clinic Mont Kiara.
"Parking susah sikit area Mont Kiara ni tapi Premier Clinic staff showed me their private parking. I Chemical peel buat utk hilangkan parut jerawat kat muka. Lepas treatment Alhamdulillah dah hilang. Terima kasih Premier Clinic!”"
Syahadah, 39, did Chemical Peel in Premier Clinic KL City
"Satisfied with the service and treatment here with Dr Michelle Lai. Consulted and did vaginal tightening laser last month and notice great changes with only one-time treatment. Couldn't express my happiness with wordings. I wiill definitely come back for treatment again."
Sephenie Kang, 40, did Vagina Tightening in Premier Clinic Puchong
"Disebabkan muka I banyak sangat kesan parut jerawat dan dah lama tak buat rawatan muka, I terus pegi buat appointment dekat klinik premier bangsar. I buat chemical peel, dah hasil nya sangat memuaskan hati. Parut jerawat mula pudar, kulit muka pon semakin lembut dan halus."
Ilya, 30, did Chemical Peel in Premier Clinic Mont Kiara
"The Premier Clinic staff are wonderful and able to allay my apprehension as it is my first laser treatment for removal of skin tags and wart removal on my neck. Dr Vanessa is very careful and gentle throughout the treatment. The whole experience is very good. I am now considering doing other treatments with them."
Suzanne Huang, 35, did Skin Tag Removal in Premier Clinic TTDI
"I am 100% impressed with the changes. The treatment really improved my hair texture and trigger healthy hair follicles growth. No more bald patches on my scalp."
Lilian, 42, did FUE Hair Transplant in Premier Clinic Mont Kiara
"Sangat berpuas hati dengan treatment Premier Clinic TTDI. Layanan yang sangat baik dan professional. Dr Azizi jugak sangat professional dan terima kasih kerana berjaya membantu saya menurunkan berat badan"
Aki, 35, did Weight Loss Management Program in Premier Clinic Mont TTDI
"I've done skin peel treatment since I had pigmentation problem on my skin. People around me start asking where I've done the treatment because the result is so obvious. My skin looks more clearer and firm. I am very happy to get Skin Peel treatment done."
Suzyana Amin , 29, did Chemical Peel in Premier Clinic Puchong
"Selepas mencuba rawatan PRP di Premier Clinic, kulit muka semakin better dari sebelumnya. Dr Foo sangat professional, selepas consult dan berbincang masalah kulit muka baru beliau menyarankan agar melakukan rawatan PRP di bahagian muka. Rawatan sangat simple dan hanya mengambil masa dalam setengah jam. Perebuhan yg sangat ketara selepas hanya satu rawatan. Liang pori dan parus jerawat semakin pudar."
Riz, 35, did Face PRP in Premier Clinic MK
"I had been consulted by both dr. & staff & really impressed with the provided info. They are really particular & everyone is knowledgeable & competent which is hard to found at other aesthetic clinics. On my second visit which I proceed with the chemical peel procedure, I have been greeted by a warm greeting & a very good consultation by Athirah. My treatment is done by Dr Jo & Saro, senior therapist. I feel very comfortable & can’t wait for the next session. It worth every penny I must say 😊."
Amirah Sulaiman, 28, did Chemical Peel in Premier Clinic Bangsar
"Dr Nigel is professional and really good at what he does. He provides detailed consultation and able to answer all your questions. Laser treatment done was clean and quick, they ensure that you're comfortable and good for the session. Staffs were friendly and helpful in attending all our enquiries. Highly recommend if you face any skin condition issues or even interested in any other health care. Thanks team!!"
Bubbles Hope, 42, did Laser Treatment in Premier Clinic KL City
"Persekitaran klinik sgt best, selesa dan staff sangat friendly. Try out rawatan fractional laser dan PRP untuk muka. Dr Nigel sangat professional dan lembut, tak kasar langsung.. Walaupon takut nak buat laser masa first time, he really make me comfortable. Sangat berpuas hati dengan hasil rawatan. "
Aleya, 29, did Fractional Laser in Premier Clinic KL City
"I came to Premier Clinic twice and the staffs were so nice to me. The doctors treated me so well with professionalism!! I was totally satisfied with everything here. I would definitely come back again! 😍"
James Jiusi Jia, 29, did Clatuu in Premier Clinic KL City.
"I have skin acne with folliculitis with my chin part. And I have done 4 times session with some injection. It can clearly see each time that it gets better. Doctor and nurses are so wonderful and have professionalism. Its good place for the patient who has an acne problem."
이장환, 29, did Acne Removal Treatment in Premier Clinic Mont Kiara.
"Everything you’d expect from a professional aesthetic clinic, my skin condition has improved immensely! The tattoo removal process was done very professionally and efficiently! Recommend seeing Dr Nigel and his staff for treatments."
Josephine Lee, 33, did Tattoo Removal in Premier Clinic KL City
"Clatuu sangat best! Mula agak takut sebab first time, tapi selepas tengok hasil rawatan pertama, I am more than happy. Sekarang sudah masuk sesi ke 3 untuk hilangkan lemak degil ni. Sy sudah hilang lebih kurang 8 kilo. Badan semakin langsing dan kurus. Totally recommended untuk semua orang. "
Qerra, 33, did Clatuu in Premier Clinic Puchong
"I came to Premier Clinic KL City for skin brightening consultation and treatment. I was amazed by how they treat and greeting me. The staff was very nice and kind and Dr was very honest. I definitely will recommend this clinic."
Mohd Shafiee, 28, did Skin Brightening Treatment in Premier Clinic KL City
"Great service, Very professional doctor and staff. I have done my laser hair removal with Dr Jaswine. The whole process is very comfortable. They are friendly too!! Knowledgeable and price is affordable too ~ Will definitely suggest this clinic to you all :)"
Reachell Alphonsus, 30, did Laser Hair Removal in Premier Clinic Bangsar.
"I always wanted to have plump lips but too scared to do it as it might not give the natural look that I want. After consultation with Dr Nigel. I just give it a try. The result was amazing. I never thought that my lips will look plump and yet it looks so natural. Thanks Dr Nigel definitely will recommend my friend to look for you 😊"
Lily Albert, 33, did Lip Enhancement in Premier Clinic KL City.
"Went here for a consultation and Dr Joycelyn was very informative! She explains everything I need to know about Face PRP down to every little detail. She was also so friendly and so understanding which makes me feel so comfortable talking to her. You could tell that they genuinely want what’s best for their customers instead of just selling stuff and making money out of it by the way they explain the products and services they offer. Worth every penny spent here. Highly recommended!"
Alya, 32, did Face PRP in Premier Clinic Bangsar.
"I always upset with my double chin. I did Clatuu for my double chin here. It works well! Thank you so much, Dr Nigel and team, who are so caring, polite and professional!"
Justine Ong, 38, did Clatuu in Premier Clinic KL City
"Dr. Lai is amazing, treated my Hyperhidrosis with Botox and it actually lasted for a whole year! No more underarm sweats! Good service too."
Pua Jin Hooi, 42, did Botox for Hyperhidrosis in Premier Clinic Puchong.
"LED therapy treatment offers me a wonderful change on my skin. Because of not enough sleep, the eye bag and dark circle make my skin look dull. the treatment improves my skin texture. It looks more lively and healthier. Thumbs up to the consulting doctors and nice staffs there."
Meera Harun, 33, did LED Phototherapy in Premier Clinic TTDI.
"I am very happy with the outcome. As I get older I have found it harder to reduce my problem areas, especially after giving birth to my children. I did a lot of reading before I decided to try Coolsculpting in Premier Clinic. I try as much as I can to avoid any surgical procedure due to the long downtime. This treatment is very simple yet effective."
Haslinda, 34, did Coolsculpting in Premier Clinic Bangsar.
"I went to Premier Clinic KL City to do laser on my face. I had corn on my face and on my fingers. The doctor gave me a vaccine and laser treatment for my face. After consulting the doctor, he said I can have the procedure tomorrow or even today. I was so happy and surprised to see how fast they do their job. Their services are very good and the staff is friendly. It is definitely worth your money."
Zainal Izzudin, 35, did Facial Laser Treatment in Premier Clinic KL City.
"Dr Kee sangat sangat membantu dalam mengurang dan merawat masalah jerawat di muka. Having breakout selepas mencuba set rawatan muka baru, dan jerawat mula tumbuh dengan sangat banyak. Selepas beberapa treatment dgn Dr Kee, its getting better. Masih dalam rawatan, tapi hasil sangat berbaloi."
Zafira, 26, did Active Acne Treatment in Premier Clinic Bangsar

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