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Non-Invasive Facelift Combination Therapy PROMO

Combination Therapy of Ultherapy & Xeomin

As we are getting older, our skin tends to lose its elasticity and as a result, wrinkles will start to form in critical areas of our face. This is a result of the reduction of collagen production in our skin. Collagen is the protein that help to hold together the cartilage and skin in our faces. Without it, our skin will lose it form and sag, giving you the impression of an older self.


Premier Clinic Puchong Talk & Live Demo on Face Rejuvenation

However, there are natural ways to reverse the aging process. In olden days, people turn to knives and needles to help uplifting the skin to an upward angle, thus reducing the wrinkles and folds. However, thanks to modern technology, we are now able to manoeuvre sound energy to send signals to the skin to boost collagen production process. Using a specific wavelength to do this, the collagen production will help to lift up the skin and reducing facial wrinkles.

The treatment for the process is called ULTHERAPY in Premier Clinic. It has no downtime, incredibly effective and have no real risks associated with it. Ultherapy is FDA-approved, safe and very practical. Ultherapy is currently expanded to more than 60 countries with over 1 million treatments have been performed globally. Sound energy has also been actively used in medicine industry for more than 50 years and counting, so you do not have to worry about the effect.

Ultherapy – Wrinkly, Saggy Skin No More!

An anti-aging method your dermatologists wouldn’t tell you!

Gaylene shared her treatment experience on Ultherapy Skin Tightening

The Ultherapy treatment is highly recommended to be combined with XEOMIN Botulinum Toxin. Xeomin Botulinum Toxin is a neuromodulator, whereby it relaxes the muscle, instantly reducing the wrinkles. It effectively treats the masseter, a facial muscle that plays a significant role in food chewing process. Masseter muscle is located at the angle of the mandible or the jaw, and the Xeomin Botulinum Toxin injection can help to soften the look of the lower face, giving you a more feminine look. It also reduces the wrinkles around lower part of the face significantly.

Botox Injection at Premier Clinic KL by Dr Chen Tai Ho

Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Injection, Kuala Lumpur


The combination of Ultherapy and Xeomin Botulinum Toxin helps to give a more comprehensive solution for an ageless, wrinkle-less facial skin. With Ultherapy’s properties of increasing collagen production and Xeomin Botulinum Toxin’s benefit to relax facial muscle, this combination therapy restores your youthful look without having to go through a long downtime and unpredictable side effects.

The promotional price running now starts from RM 8,333 whereby we will combine both of these treatments depending on your suitability and budget. The normal price for the treatment is RM10,800 so you’ll be able to save RM 2,467 for every combination session you sign up for. Also, we are running a Refer Your Friend promotion, so bring your friend around and be entitled to 2 more FREE procedures!

The Non-Invasive Face Lift Combination Therapy promotion is running for ONE SHORT MONTH until 30th November 2018, so hurry up and reserve your slot now. You may reserve your session by Whatsapp/Call to 012-662-5552 or email to contactus@premier-clinic.com. We are available throughout the year from 8am to 12 midnight so please do not shy away from giving us a call.

Our branches are places strategically in Klang Valley to suit your convenience. We are available in TTDI, Bangsar, KL City (Megan Avenue) and Puchong. Kindly visit our branches or website for more information regarding the promotion.


Anti Aging Before After

Anti Aging Before After


“Best solution for face lift especially for people like me, scared of knives. People say I look like Gordon Ramsay before the treatment. Now I look like Adele – with a little kick! Hahahahaha!”

Amanda Lee


Amanda Lee
Non-Invasive Facelift Combination on October 2018.

“Premier Clinic team is excellent in service especially Dr Jaswine and her staffs! I had trouble finding parking for my car but they gave me a private parking. I went there for the combination of Non- Invasive Facelift treatment and very satisfied with the result. My colleagues said I am at least 10 years younger!”

Jessica Chong


Jessica Chong
Non-Invasive Facelift Combination on August 2018. 

“I have had this problem since I was 18. People say I have a perpetually angry facial expression and even if I am not doing anything, I look pissed. I have very few friends because people wouldn’t want to talk to me. Thanks for this treatment, I no longer look angry (or confused). Would recommend this to anyone especially my family and friend.”

Amanda Mohd


Amanda Mohd
Non-Invasive Facelift  Combination on July 2018.

“Non-Invasive Facelift treatment ended my long journey of looking to reduce wrinkles and tightening skin. I am 27 but people always assume I look older, like 35. As a young girl, I was severely depressed of that. Now, I look way younger, and have more confidence especially when meeting my clients. Thanks Dr Kee and Premier Clinic team!”

Ranjinath Muthusamy


Ranjinath Muthusamy
Non-Invasive Facelift  Combination on August 2018.

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