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Genital Skin Whitening

How To Boost You Confidence With Genital Skin Whitening

What You Need To Know Before Going For Genital Skin Whitening Procedure

Are you tired of having a dark, ugly looking genital? Feeling insecure when having to take your undergarments off in public? Thinking of having a lighter skin on your private parts? Do not worry as this is completely normal. Hyperpigmentation is known to cause significant social and emotional stress to people. Having a darker skin has always been associated with unclean or undesired especially in Asian community and people are looking for ways they can enhance their private parts appearance. Genital Whitening procedure might raise some eyebrows but it is a perfect solution for people who takes good care of their private parts.

However, most of the treatments claimed to help with decolourisation bring alongside significant health hazards. There are cases of inflammation, loss of sensory, and allergic reactions when it comes to treatments such as bleaching cream. Therefore, people are more careful nowadays with choosing procedures with less risks. We recommend you to go for trusted aesthetic clinics available to undergo this treatment as home remedies or ineligible clinics might cost more than you bargain for.

Regardless, thanks to medical advances, genital skin whitening has become a reality. Through q- Switch laser treatment, many has attained beautiful, lighter skin in their private area without having to compromise their health.

Penis Enlargement

penis Whitening

What Is Q-Switch Laser Treatment?

Q-Switch laser treatment (as it name suggests), uses a short pulse of high energy laser light that would instantly remove pigmentation in the skin. This FDA approved treatment has been used to remove unwanted sun freckles, tattoos or brown spots. Based on the demands of patients wanting to have better, clean looking private area, it has now being commercially used to reduce pigmentation on penis or vagina. Among areas that can be whitened by q-Switch laser treatment are the penis, vagina, labia, pelvis area and thigh gap.

The destroyed pigments will be absorbed by the skin cells through natural metabolism process so you would not have to worry about them coming back.

However, please bear in mind that this procedure is for cosmetics purposes only and could not heal or cure any existing medical conditions such as premature ejaculation or penis size and strength.


How Does It Work?

First of all, our doctors will examine your physical health record to find out if you’re a suitable candidate for the treatment. A pregnant lady or patient who has history of taken Accutane for the last 6 month are not recommended to proceed with the treatment.

Then, you’ll be put on a bed and the treatment begins with q-Switch Nd:YAG laser machine directed to your desired area. The laser treatment often described as a series of hot spots on your skin. The sensation is temporary and we’ll apply numbing cream before the procedure to ensure you have a comfortable experience.

A single treatment can remove up to 95% of your pigmentation and lighten your skin within 2 hours. Depending on the size of the area, second or third session may be needed to cover all.

Genital Skin Whitening video demonstration

Penis Skin Whitening video demonstration

Penis Skin Whitening video demonstration

What Are The After-Treatment Procedures?

One of the frequently asked questions is would this treatment affect your sex life?

The answer is absolutely not. This treatment by itself is absolutely safe without side effects. You may experience some temporary redness but it would go away in 3-4 days naturally. You may apply ice to reduce the redness and speed up the recovery.

Sex should be avoided until the redness resolves as it would disrupt the healing process. Besides that, patients are recommended to avoid swimming to avoid any infection.

Genital Skin Whitening video demonstration

Where Should I Go For The Treatment?

Premier Clinic is a leading solution provider for q-Switch laser treatment in Malaysia. We are offering FREE consultation session with our expert doctors to help you with pigmentation concerns. Our prices are very competitive compared to other solutions in the market. We use high-quality standard of machinery and medication to give you optimum results.

We are available from 8am to 12pm everyday through our hotline +6012-662-5552 (Whatsapp/Call) or email at contactus@premier-clinic.com. Kindly drop us a message and we’ll get back to you the soonest.

If you’re planning a clinic visit, we are available in strategic locations in Klang Valley. Our branches are in TTDI, Bangsar, Puchong, and KL City (Megan Avenue 1). Look forward to hear from you soon!

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Rejoice Your Sex Life

Penis Enlargement – Rejoice Your Sex Life With Filler!

Are you having insecurities about the size of your penis? Are you looking for safe procedures to increase your manhood size? Wondering how life is with a bigger penis? Worry not, Premier Clinic has the answers to your problems.

Why OPT For Penis Enlargement?

One of the major issues with having to undergo for penis enlargement is to have a satisfying sex life. According to a study published in British Journal of Urology International, majority (90% of the women sample) agreed that penis width was more important for them to achieve sexual satisfaction rather than penis length. We all know that length does play a factor in satisfying the partner but the girth is also as important.

Satisfying the partner is really an essential component of a healthy relationship. It is duly understood that the couples with satisfying sex life lasts longer than those who do not. Therefore, men are willing to go for penile enlargement procedures to ensure they have a healthy working relationship rather than fulfilling egocentrical needs.

Why OPT For Penis Enlargement?

Penis Enlargement

How Does Penis Enlargement Work?

Penis enlargement in Premier Clinic is done by using special filler to increase the girth size up to 20% your original size. After the consultation session done with our expert doctor, we will slowly and carefully inject dermal fillers into the head of the penis (gland penis) and its shaft to increase the circumference using a very small needle. No anesthetic will be required as there is only minimal, manageable discomfort during the treatment. The thorough process will take less than 1 hour to complete.

As the filler treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical, no downtime is required. You may drive home safely after the procedure and go on your daily life routine.

Premier Clinic has conducted the dermal fillers procedure for several years now and we received very good feedbacks from our patients. They reported to have increased their girth size by 20% the normal size. The result may vary from individual to individual, however the results will be prominent.

The result, though instant, may last longer than a year, or sometimes more, depending on individual. A regular maintenance is recommended to ensure you and your partner have satisfying sex life all year around.

Penis enlargement with filler video demonstration

Penis enlargement with filler video demonstration

What Are The Post-Treatment Procedures?

Premier Clinic puts high priority on our patient-doctor confidentiality policy. We prized ourselves on keeping your confidentiality 100% assured and we strictly prohibit any of our customer’s details to be passed to a third party. We will keep your visit record as private as possible should you undergo the treatment with us.

As filler is FDA-approved treatment, there are very less risks associated with the treatment. After the treatment, you may experience some minor bruising, but this is harmless and will resolve itself in 2-3 days. It will not disrupt your sexual activities. However, we would highly recommend our patients to avoid any sexual activities for at least 2 days to allow the filler to set.

Also, please do not put high pressure on the penis for 2 days as the filler might move. If this happens, kindly slowly massage it back to the normal place. There is no loss of sensation associated with this procedure so you may enjoy healthy, satisfying sex all you want.


penis enlargement by fillers

penis enlargement by fillers

Where Should I Go For The Procedure?

Premier Clinic offers FREE consultation to your problems and we are dedicated to your healing process with our friendly team of expert aesthetic doctors. To schedule a FREE consultation, or if you have any sort of enquiries in regards of penile enlargement, do feel free to contact us.

You can choose how to live your lives, and we can make it better for you. W’re reachable by WhatsApp/call from 8am to 12 midnight daily, 365 days a year. Contact us now at +60-12-662 5552. Or you can also email us at contactus@premier-clinic.com. We are located in strategic locations in Klang Valley namely at TTDI, Bangsar, KL City (at Megan Avenue 1, Jalan Tun Razak) and Puchong. Kindly visit our website or nearby branches for more info!

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Laser Penis Whitening Kuala Lumpur

Penis Whitening Making Its Hard Impact, Kuala Lumpur

Whilst skin whitening is common nowadays, penis whitening might raise some eyebrows. Why do people do it, one might ask. Well, first of all, according to the people who have done it, it rapidly increases their confidence especially in an occasion whereby one has to take off their undergarments. As the news of this ‘new’ procedure took a viral hit in Thailand, we are proud to say we have been offering this treatment for quite some time.

The trend of penis whitening has now reached out to Malaysian. People now are more concerned with how they look and there’s nothing wrong with having a colored enhanced penis. In fact, vagina whitening has overtook the trend longer before penis whitening is even a thing. It shows that the person is taking a good care of their private part, thus look more hygienic.

However, we strongly suggest you to proceed to trusted clinic to perform this treatment as home remedies or ineligible clinics might do you more harm than good.


The dark skin color on penis is caused by excessive amount of melanin. The melanin doesn’t cause any effects to the skin but causing the penis looks uneven in tones with the body. Some people are shy with the appearance of their darken penis thus they seek our help to further lighten the private part.

The penis whitening treatment uses the Q-switch Nd:YAG laser to alter pigmentation in the nether region. The same laser treatment has long being used for anal bleaching or anus whitening. Like the procedure for anus whitening, the laser is targeted strategically to reduce the amount of melanin. The melanin destroyed during this treatment will then be exiled through the body in natural biological metabolism process.

However, please note that penis whitening is strictly cosmetics only. It could not used to help with any existing condition like pre-mature ejaculation, penis size or penis strength.


Q-switch Nd:YAG laser treatment is FDA approved, so you can rest assured that this treatment is very safe and effective. In Premier Clinic, we use only top quality laser machine available to avoid any mishap or future complicacies.

As penis whitening does not involve any surgery or insertion, this treatment does not require any downtime. In fact, you may go on your daily routine once the treatment is completed. Similar to those who are going for anus bleaching and anal whitening, there is no downtime required.

There should be no swelling, or redness after the procedure. However, should you’re concern with after procedure complicacies, kindly contact our expert technicians. We advise you not to have rough sex in 2 days after the treatment as your skin might be sensitive to the hard surface.


As the pioneer of penis whitening in Malaysia, we offer our clients a FREE consultation session. Do not worry of your privacy as we pride ourselves with our patient-doctor confidentiality policy. Your identity will be our priority and will not be disclosed to any third party.

Our doctors in Premier Clinic are dedicated to help you with any inquiries or concerns you have regarding the treatment. We are also open to your preference of male and female doctors who’d be treating you. Schedule your FREE consultation session through Whatsapp/call at 012-662-5552 from 8am to 12pm everyday. We are also reachable by email at contactus@premier-clinic.com.

We are also available in strategic areas: TTDI, Bangsar, KL City (at Megan Avenue 1) and Puchong. Kindly visit us for more info regarding anal bleaching, anus whitening and penis whitening. We look forward to hear from you!

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Dermal Fillers For Penis Enlargement, Malaysia

https://premier-clinic.com/penis-enhancement-prp-injections/Are you having insecurities about the size of your manhood? Always wondering to have a more fulfilling adult relationship with a larger set of tool? Looking for a safe, efficient procedure without threatening risk?

We might just have the perfect solution for your problem!

insecurities about the size


According to Medical News Today, the ideal penis size is 16.6cm in length and 12 centimeters in circumference. However, while most of men’s worries about penis size centre on the length, most partners agrees that the width gives them upmost pleasure. A study published in British Journal of Urology International conducted on 50 sexually active undergraduate women reported that for a large majority – 9 out of 10 of the women – penis width was more important to sexual satisfaction than penis length.

Sexual satisfaction is indeed an integral key component of a healthy and longer lasting relationship. Thus more men opt to further increase their penis girth size via penis enlargement procedures to fulfill their adult relationship as opposed to stigma or self-confidence issues.

Penis Enlargement


Penis enlargement procedure is a process whereby our professional aesthetic doctors carefully inject dermal fillers into the gland penis (head of the penis) and the shaft in order to increase the circumstance of it. This process, though done meticulously and carefully, only takes about 1 hour to complete. The swift and fast procedure would allow you to live your normal daily lives as soon as the procedure is over. Normal anaesthetic usually is not required for this treatment as we only use a small needle to reduce the discomfort and pain.

The penis enlargement with dermal fillers procedure have been around for several years now and the responses from the clients are very satisfactory. Majority of our clients agrees that the procedure increases their penis size by 20% in circumference but it may vary from individual to individual. We are glad to have helped many of our clients to have a satisfactory, healthy sex life. Now, give us the chance to help you (and your partner) to enjoy it as well.

*The result of dermal filler is not permanent. It lasts for about a year, sometimes more depending on individual. However, regular top up treatments and maintenance can ensure you and your partner have a healthy, satisfying sex all year round.



At Premier Clinic, we prized ourselves on our confidentiality policy. Your confidentiality is 100% assured and we strictly prohibit any of our customer’s details to be passed to a third party. Should you undergo the treatment with us, please be assured that we keep it as private as possible.

As this procedure is a simple and straightforward process, no downtime is required. You can undergo your daily activities as usual as soon as the procedure is complete. You may expect some minor bruising, which will not affect your sexual activities. Although, we would advise our patients to avoid sexual activities for at least 2 days following the procedure, just until the filler set.

Premier Clinic offers FREE consultation to your problems and we are dedicated to your healing process with our friendly team of expert aesthetic doctors. To schedule a FREE consultation, or if you have any sort of enquiries, do feel free to contact us. You can choose how to live your lives, and we can make it better for you.

We’re reachable by WhatsApp/call from 8am to 12 midnight daily, 365 days a year. Contact us now at +60-12-662 5552. Or email us at contactus@premier-clinic.com

We have branches at TTDI, Bangsar, KL City (at Megan Avenue 1, Jalan Tun Razak) and Puchong. Kindly visit our website or nearby branches for more info!



1. What are the side effects of Penis Enlargement?

Besides the usual swelling after the procedure, there are no high-risks indicated within this procedure. It might take some time for you to get use to your new enlarged penis but nothing you should worry about.

2. How much larger can I be?

The usual size increment is about 20% in diameter. Some patients may have bigger and some might have smaller increment but it depends on individual. Before the treatment, our experienced doctors will tell you how much would be advised.

3. Is there any loss of sensation?

There might be temporary reduced feeling in the head of the penis after the procedure if numbing cream is used. For normal procedure, there is no loss of sensation would be expected by the patients.

4. How much pain is involved?

Although dermal filler doesn’t pose any threathening risks or pain, the level of discomfort varies from one person to another. Limiting sexual activities usually helps it resolve faster.


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Penis Enlargement

Scrotum Botulinum Toxin

P-Shot for Male Enhancement

Genital Skin Whitening Treatment for Men

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Premier Clinic Doctors Performing a Male Enhancement Procedure

Penis enlargement can be performed safely and painlessly with the injection of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

A increase in the girth (thickness) of the penis is expected. In some cases, increases in length might also be seen as the heavier penis hangs out more.

The penis enlargement procedure takes about half an hour. Doctors use adequate analgesia for numbing and pain-control so that clients will be comfortable.

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Laser Penis Whitening Kuala Lumpur

Penile Enlargement: Premier Clinic KL vs The Others


What so special about having your penile enlargement at Premier Clinic? You may come across many procedure, such as water-base enlargement pump, clamping, jelqing which they claimed to have good result on the enlargement of the penis. Apart from procedures, there are also many supplements such as penis enlargement pills or patches are out in the market and claimed to be safe and effective. Out of so many alternatives, you must be wondering why to pick us?

First thing first, there are no proof that these procedures can give good results. And it may have side-effects or even causing long-term devastating damage to the penis. Where for supplements and pills, certain products may containing non-harzadous ingredients, but most of them are not tested for side effects and safety, and none of these products has been proved helpful.

At Premier Clinic, our penile enlargement procedure is non-surgical, no-downtime, and no side effects. We are using FDA-approved dermal fillers for the penile enlargement, and the process can usually be completed in 1 hour. The procedure is simple and safe due to the very small size of the needles, which also means there is very minimal discomfort or pain. For most people, local anaesthetic is not required.

If you want to know how penile enlargement could benefit your sex life? You can visit the following link http://www.drchentaiho.com/how-penile-enlargement-could-benefit-your-sex-life/ to read the full article that written by Dr Chen Tai Ho.

Interested to know more about the procedure? Call us now at 012-7732074 for TTDI branch/ 012-6624278 for Bangsar branch to secure your FREE appointment with our medical professionals!




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The Truth about Penis Enlargement

When someone is going for penis enlargement procedure, the first thing that pops in your mind could be, “he has a small penis”. Yes? Actually, this is not completely the reasons. Apparently, many people have misconceptions about penis enlargement, here are some facts about Penis Enlargement:

  1. Your penis will not be lengthen after the procedure, but enlarging the girth of the penis.
  2. Penis enlargement is actually a short procedure which can be done in an hour, without surgery, 100% safe and painless.
  3. According to official academic research, the majority of men who undergoing penis enlargement procedure is to enhancing the sexual satisfaction, not because of self-confidence of having small penis.
  4. The result usually last for a year on average.

To read the full article about Penis Enlargement, please go to http://www.klaesthetic.com/why-do-people-undergo-penile-enlargement/

Thinking of getting some advice from our doctors about penis enlargement? Do not hesitate to call us at 012-6625552 or email us to contactus@premier-clinic.com.

Have a good day!

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Groin Fungal Infection Laser Treatment

Skin fungal infection can present itself as an area of skin discolouration with or without itch. The condition is usually infectious as well as chronic, meaning patients could have been having it for years. Many people do not seek treatment early enough for this treatable skin condition, which can result in the condition worsening.

Besides oral anti-fungal drugs such as ketoconazole and fluconazole, or creams such as miconazole, laser treatments can also be performed using a Long Pulse Nd:YAG laser which causes heating, thereby killing off the fungi on the skin.

Usually combination treatments works the best, so besides using lasers, your doctor may also combine the treatment with oral anti-fungal medicines and creams. Several sessions of laser, done once a month, would be necessary.

It is also important to maintain good skin hygiene and to keep the treatment area dry all the time.

Dr Elaine Chong performed a laser treatment for a demo subject using the Long Pulse Nd:YAG laser for Mr Mustafa who has been having the fungal infection for a long time. Mustafa works long hours, and combined with the tendency to sweat at the groin area, he developed a fungal infection. The painless laser performed by Dr Elaine Chong of Premier Clinic only takes 10 minutes.




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