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How To Stay Looking Younger. The Korean’s Secret.

There’s no denying that Korean culture and K-Pop have received a huge boom in popularity lately. But it’s not just the music that’s getting popular—South Korea has taken the beauty market by storm!

There’s a good reason why so many aesthetic doctors are turning to K-beauty products these days. It really seems like Korean women defy aging; everyone is asking: “Why do Korean girls look so young?!”

In this case, beauty is literally skin-deep. Korean women take their skincare routines very seriously, and this care pays off in making them look much younger than their actual age.

So we’ve investigated these skincare routines and we found out why they’re so effective. If you want to learn how to look younger than your age then you’re in the right place! Read on for expert skincare tips straight from South Korea.

How To Stay Looking Younger. The Korean's Secret.

Principles of Korean Skincare

The typical Korean skincare routine is ten steps long! Below, we’re going to lay out the important parts, so you understand how it works. It’ll also help those of you who don’t have the time or ability to commit to such an extensive routine; as long as you understand the principles, you can learn how to make your face look younger.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

It’s an old adage, but it holds up here. The earlier you get to a problem, the less time it’ll have to do any damage. For instance, take your pores. Leave one blocked up, and it’ll soon turn into a whitehead or a blackhead. But if you maintain a constant skincare regimen, debris will never have enough time to build up into something serious. And the less damaged your skin is, the younger you’ll look. This is also why the Korean skincare routine is so thorough; it aims to remove every problem and pollutant on your face so that it never has a chance to interfere with your appearance.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

As obvious as it sounds, dry skin is a consequence of skin not being hydrated enough. Dry skin also leads to a host of other concerns. Your face and ears replace their skin cells more often than most other areas of your skin, and this turnover rate means they’re vulnerable to damage. Keeping your skin well moisturized not only keeps it looking healthy, but it also firms up the face and keeps wrinkles away. Want to know how to slow down aging? Moisturize!

Don’t Stop With One Cleanser

Don’t Stop With One Cleanser

The standard ten-step Korean skincare routine starts with two cleanses. The first uses an oil-based cleanser to remove excess sebum, makeup, and dead skin cells. This works on the principle that oil attracts oil, so oil cleansers have an easier time removing sebum and makeup. This is then followed by a gentle water-based cleanser that removes debris like sweat and dirt, which respond better to water. This double cleanse ensures that none of the environmental stressors of day-to-day life have a chance to damage your skin.

Even if you don’t wear much makeup, the double cleanse is still advisable. Water-based cleansers have a hard time dealing with sebum, sunscreen, and pollutants, so you’ll need an oil cleanser to remove these. Keeping your face clean plays an important part in how to look younger.

Avoid The Sun Avoid The Sun

Avoid The Sun

While the sun is a great bioavailable source of vitamin D, staying in the sun for too long can be really damaging to your skin. Ultraviolet rays are bad news, and they do more damage to your face than nearly anything else! They speed up the aging process, they remove elasticity, they promote wrinkles, promote sagging, and they dry out the skin. Even sporting a light tan in the summer can be extremely damaging year after year.

If you want to keep your skin protected, stay out of the sun as much as possible and wear sunscreen or use makeup that incorporates SPF. Your skin will thank you for it!

Don’t Believe The Hype

Don’t Believe The Hype

Let’s face it, the beauty market is expanding every year, especially with K-beauty products giving manufacturers more things to think about. They’ll try all sorts of new ingredients, looking for the next big thing to keep your skin brighter and healthier. And you’ll get the manufacturers who’ll just outright try to lie about what benefits their products bring. 

One huge downside of beauty products is that there isn’t enough regulation to ensure that products live up to their claims, so you always have to do your own research. Look for any reviews of the product and see if they sound credible, or check with your dermatologist.

Coordinate With Your Doctor

Coordinate With Your Doctor

You should always check in with your aesthetic doctor to see if your skincare routine needs a little extra help! Plus, since they have an up-close look at your skin and the right expertise, they can recommend what products will work best and what you should avoid. And when your skin needs a little bit of extra help, they might even be able to recommend slightly more intensive procedures like placenta and stem cell therapy, and see if they may be helpful to your case.

Stem Cell

Staying Forever Young

Make no mistake; a full ten-step Korean skincare routine will take quite a bit of effort! You’ll have to invest in the products and commit to using them every day. You’ll also have to sacrifice quite a bit of time; around thirty minutes per night, every night.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more ‘once and done’ maybe you could consider something like placenta and stem cell therapy. It might sound pretty sci-fi, but the results speak for themselves. If you’re 45 and you want to look 25, this might be the treatment for you!

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Look Younger Now With Celebre Placenta Sheep Treatment!

Do you constantly look into the mirror and see yourself aging more so than your peers? Always get mistaken as a person way beyond your real age? Are you scared of the curse of time (aren’t we all?) and looking for a solution to stop the symptoms?

If you’re looking for a solution for anti-aging without having to endure months of dismissal downtime, we have just the right thing for you.

Read review from our patient: http://msshamworldwide.blogspot.com/2018/07/my-1st-stemcell-at-premier-clinic.html?m=1#more


The increasing amount of damage contributed by Free Radicals promotes premature aging and degenerative diseases. Free Radicals are atoms or molecules formed naturally in our body as by-products of oxidation. Just like the name, they are very reactive and unstable, attacking adjacent molecules to regain stability. The active activity of Free Radicals may harm our healthy cells. The higher number of Free Radicals in our body would accelerate the process of aging, therefore causing our body to be prone to diseases, increase the risk of cancer, and reduce our lifespan and its quality.

As time passes, our body are exposed to a lot of external factors causing the increase of Free Radicals in our body such as unhealthy diets, pollutions, drugs, electromagnetic waves, fumes, harsh UV rays from sunlight, etc. As our physical body fights off the curse of time, more of its connective materials (collagen & elastin) that bind the epidermis to the dermis and support the dermis layer are facing decline in amount. This would cause unevenness in skin color or tone and some lines may appear in our thirties. By forty, there are more visible lines and wrinkles as our faces started to sag as a result of depletion of the padding under the skin.

To stop or delay this process, it is important for us to always ensure that our aging cells receive the nutrients and optimum growth condition for an ageless skin and timeless beauty.


Célebre’s Placenta Sheep (CPS) is considered the ‘jewel of anti-aging’ in its chilled form as it captures the rich, dynamic essence of pure sheep placenta in a treatment. It was first developed in Switzerland, where the doctors found out that Placenta and Stem Cell increases vitality and energy, improve concentration and memory levels, and gain more stamina which helps them to perform better in work and sports. The doctors then use it as a natural treatment that revitalizes the body.

Because of the packed nutrients it contains, CPS helps to slow down the aging process, and there are significant benefits that have been discovered from its usage. It is packed with important ingredients to battle premature aging and degeneration in a complete inside-out natural rejuvenation manner.

CPS rejuvenating treatment can help to nourish the aging tissue and organ components in your body with over 128 growth factors, vitamins, bio-active cytokines, dermal bio-activators, trace minerals and enzymes, to amplify cellular renewal and repair on various depths and dimensions. This results in an exceptional enhancement in health, vivacity and aesthetics.

Stem Cell Therapy

Hormonal imbalance can be naturally rectified by the CPS therapy as it rejuvenating the core of the endocrine system, without causing an effect in dependency, glandular atrophy and withdrawals of standard hormone therapy. In a nutshell, CPS strengthens the immune system with added fortification to the body’s natural ability to regulate inflammation.

CPS Rejuvenating Therapy aims to reactivate dormant cells within the human body, thereby stimulating the growth and increase the functions of existing tissue whilst repairing or regenerating old and malfunctioning cells. CPS Rejuvenating therapy serves as a solution for beautiful, fresh skin that other treatment cannot fulfill. It provides the nutrients necessary for cell growth and healing process.

CPS therapy is safe if consumed within the recommended dosage as they are formulated according to strict nutraceutical preparations. There is no risk associated with CPS therapy after the procedure.

aesthetic clinic Malaysia

aesthetic clinic Malaysia

aesthetic clinic Malaysia

aesthetic clinic Malaysia

aesthetic clinic Malaysia

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Our branches spread through Klang Valley at TTDI, Bangsar, Puchong and KL City (at Megan Avenue 1, Jalan Tun Razak). You’re welcome to drop by and visit our branches for more information.

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Multi Vitamin Cocktail Injection

(Review) Andy’s Thread Lifting at Premier Clinic

Thread lifting procedure is one of the most popular skin lifting procedures besides Ultherapy. It is a non surgical treatment which is done to uplift loose and sagged skin. Soluble threads are inserted with the help of fine needles that lifts up the sagged and loose skin.

Thread lifting procedure can be done in many areas in your desire, such as, face, nose, jaw line (v-shape), abdominal, buttock, and so on. The procedure is very safe and tolerable. After the treatment, your natural young look can lasts up to 36 months.

Our guest, Andy has done his first thread lift at Premier Clinic with Dr Kee Yong Seng last week. Let’s see what Andy have to say about his experience on thread lifting by clicking visiting his blog on http://thekaikiat.blogspot.my/2016/06/first-aesthetic-experience-at-premier-clinic.html

Please visit Premier Clinic today to schedule a FREE consultation with our medical professionals or you can call/whatsapp 012-7732074 (TTDI)/ 012-6624278 (Bangsar) for further inquiries!

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Knee PRP Treatment Premier Clinic

The Vein Specialist in Kuala Lumpur

Normally, our veins use special valves that keep blood from pooling in your legs. As is varicose veins, spider veins can happen when these valves are too weak to prevent blood from backing up into veins. This are the root of the development of spider veins. There are few occasions of the development of veins including: injuries, sun exposure, hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause, obesity, heredity, and prolonged sitting or standing.

Our patient, Angela was struggling with her spider veins for almost 7 years after her pregnancy until she met Dr Kee, who introduced her to the laser vein removal with Fotona. Please check our Angela’s full review on her spider vein treatment at Premier Clinic by click this link http://mytownpharmacy.blogspot.my/2016/06/spider-vein-removal-treatment-premier_29.html?m=0

If you are suffering from spider veins as well, do not hesitate to call/ whatsapp us at 012-7732074 for TTDI or 012-6624278 for Bangsar, and schedule a FREE consultation with one of our 5 full time doctors. You also can reach us by email to contactus@premier-clinic.com.

IMG-20160620-WA0002 IMG-20160620-WA0007




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In-house Training on Sedation and Hormones

Premier Clinic is proud to be awarded Top 3 best aesthetic clinic in Klang Valley for 2016 in www.tallypress.com.

In Premier Clinic, besides providing excellent service to our customer, we also constantly providing training and seminar for our staffs to create a good learning culture. Yesterday, our in-house training on sedation and hormones was held in TTDI branch and conducted by Dr Kee together with Dr Aarthi.

We are ready to serve our customer better with the new knowledge we equipped!

IMG-20160628-WA0030 IMG-20160628-WA0026 IMG-20160628-WA0027 IMG-20160628-WA0022


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Hey Oil Seeds!

Lee Yann has recently visited Premier Clinic to seek remedies for her milia (aka. oil seeds) which has troubled her for a while.

What is Milia? They are small bumps that found mainly mainly on your face or sometime genital area where sebaceous gland are located. It is a result of blockage of these sebacous gland or in skin damaged by trauma or inflammation from various skin conditions.

Lee Yann was introduced to our Medlite C6 laser treatment to remove her milia under the expert hands of Dr Kee Yong Seng. Suffice to say, she was one happy camper after the treatment. To read her full review, please go to http://missyforwardbeauty.blogspot.my/2016/05/premier-clinic-review-my-first.html

So if milia/ oil seeds are the cause of your concerns as well, please call us now at 03-77325552/ 03-22822263 or Whatsapp us at 012-6625552 to schedule a FREE consultation with our experienced doctors.

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Botox for V-shaped Face

Many people are desirous of a slender, V-shaped face.  A face which is oval in shape is deemed by most as beautiful and attractive.

To get a V-shaped face, doctors at Premier Clinic can inject our clients with Botox on the masseter muscle. This muscle is responsible for chewing. A large or overactive masseter muscle will give the person a broad or squarish jaw.

Pictured is Dr Kee Yong Seng giving Miss Carmen Low a treatment of Botox. This will help Carmen get a more slender, V-shaped appearance.

To find out more, visit our website here.

To get more information, do call Dr Kee Yong Seng at 012-6625552 or email him at contactus@premier-clinic.com today.


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Dermaveil for Face and Hands Rejuvenation

Dermaveil is a collagen stimulator which can help improve facial volume for those with volume loss. Dermaveil can also reduce wrinkles and fine lines,  thus making clients looking refreshed and rejuvenated.

Dermaveil can be used on the face – forehead, undereye area, temples, laugh lines, submalar, cheeks and around the mouth area. It can even be used on other body parts than the face, such as on hands.

Our video shows our doctors at Premier Clinic injecting Dermaveil. Dr Kee Yong Seng, Dr Aarthi Maria and Dr Elaine Chong are trained and well versed in injecting Dermaveil.

For more info,  visit Dermal Veil Treatment for Scars & Wrinkles Removal

Call Premier Clinic at 012 – 6625552 or email contactus@premier-clinic.com for details.









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Blogger Clarissa’s Skin Refining Session

Blogger Clarissa is keen to have a skin refining laser done by our Premier Clinic aesthetic doctor, Dr Elaine Chong. Clarissa knows that the skin refining laser is a laser which helps to maintain youthful looks by stimulating collagen production.

The Fotona Spectro laser machine utilizes Fractional Erbium YAG laser beams to create controlled minute damages to the top layer of the skin. This damage is actually a good thing, as it stimulates our own body to repair the skin ‘injured’ by the laser.

The end result is diminished fine lines and wrinkles, smaller pore size and tighter skin. The refining laser setting is different from those who prefer a stronger and more aggressive rejuvenation setting. This is an excellent choice for those who prefer minimal or lesser downtime and discomfort.

Dr Elaine Chong performed this simple procedure on Miss Clarissa today, with minimal pain and redness. The procedure takes less than 10 minutes for the actual laser. This can be repeated monthly for the best results.







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Berita Harian Newspaper Interview on Menopause

The World Menopause Day is on 18th October 2014. This special day calls on every country in the world to make menopausal health a key issue into the country’s health agenda This is to help each menopausal women reduce or even prevent unpleasant signs and symptoms which can affect a woman’s quality of life. Besides improving menopausal symptoms, proper healthcare can also reduce the chance of a woman getting heart problems, osteoporosis (brittle bones), colon cancer and other types of diseases related to hormones.

In conjunction with World Menopause Day, reporters and photographers from local newspaper Berita Harian visited our aesthetic doctor at Premier Clinic, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Dr Kee Yong Seng was interviewed on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) during the fruitful one hour session.

Hormone replacement therapy is used to replenish the hormones which decreases as a women starts to have menopause. Blood investigations are performed prior to commencing treatment.

Dr Kee Yong Seng advised the public to accept menopausal changes positively. Attitude counts a lot and having a positive mindset certainly would be very beneficial. Practicing healthy diet and incorporating frequent exercise and a fitness program would be helpful. Taking oral supplements would also boost a menopausal woman’s health, according to Dr Kee. Dr Kee also talked about synthetic HRT versus bioidentical hormone replacement therapy whereby he divulges the pros and cons of each option.

menopause interview 3

menopause interview 4

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