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Should I Undergo Penile Enlargement?

You might not ever have given the idea of penile enlargement as a potential treatment any thought, even if your penis is below average in size. The truth is, while many men may have wished for a longer or thicker reproductive organ, very few will actually act on it. And for those who do, they may focus on figuring out how to get a penis of a longer length.

However, In terms of pleasure for sexual partners, did you know that studies have shown that many have reported getting more pleasure from a penis with a wider girth as opposed to its length? One particular study was even more telling, with 90% of partners preferring a penis with a wider girth! As with any loving relationship, sexual health and satisfaction is very important. Penile enlargement can often help to improve this, and is often the reason why many opt for this treatment, instead of self-esteem.

How Does Treatment Work?

There isn’t a very complicated procedure when it comes to penile enlargement, with dermal fillers used in the treatment. In fact, the procedure can be completed swiftly within an hour or so. You will be in the care of highly experienced and professional practitioners so there is no need to worry.

The dermal filler will be injected into the head of your penis and the shaft, with great care taken to ensure everything goes smoothly and without a hitch. A very fine needle will be used during treatment, so a local anaesthetic is not needed during the procedure as it is safe, causing very minimal discomfort or pain.

Patient #1 Penis Enlargement at Premier Clinic (video published with consent)


Patient #2 Penile Enlargement at Premier Clinic (video published with consent)

You won’t need to worry about the results either; this penile enlargement process has been around for several years and leads to very natural-looking improvements. The normal gain is roughly about a 20% increase in circumference, but this is likely to vary depending the individual.

Results last for about one year or longer, but it is important to note that any gains are not permanent, with additional treatment sessions required in order to maintain your increased girth. If it makes your partner happy, why not?

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