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Why Should I Opt For PDO Threadlift

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PDO threadlift is a remarkable, non-surgical option for those seeking a face lift or neck lift. Utilising fine threads made from suture material, it can help to structure and lift the skin in the treatment area to make it appear more youthful and aesthetically pleasing. It also can be completed with less side effects, risks and downtime compared to a normal surgical procedure. Furthermore, the effects of skin lifting are also long-lasting and will hold up for a significant amount of time.


Treatment areas

PDO threadlift can be used to treat many parts of your face or neck. One of the most common areas requested for treatment is to reduce eye bags and under eye wrinkles. These tend to develop as you get older, with your skin no longer producing collagen. This protein is essential to maintain the structure of your skin as well as repairing it.

Individuals also commonly seek out PDO threadlift to reduce the number of fine lines and wrinkles on their foreheads. Again, these are caused by aging and the lack of collagen produced, making skin start to sag. The formation of wrinkles are often troublesome for some people, as they are indicators of age and appearing young tends to be on the wish list for many!


Cheeks can also be lifted using PDO threadlift, giving your face a more symmetrical appearance and reduces roundness for a sharper look. Some people prefer this sharp appearance for personal or professional reasons, and the long lasting results mean that it is quite a popular method of treatment.

PDO threadlift can also be utilised to reduce jowls, double chin and saggy skin beneath the chin, crow’s feet, upper eyelid drooping, downward folds in the mouth corner and too many more to list out, such is its versatility!

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We recommend scheduling a free consultation with our aesthetic professionals to get a better idea of what your specific case requires and if you are a suitable candidate for PDO threadlift. We will also recommend a suitable number of sessions for you in order to get optimal results.