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Carbon Laser Peel for Pores

carbon laser peel to shrink large pores


Large pores are a common skin condition suffered by those with oily skin and develop as a result of dirt and sebum building up beneath the skin. This will block the follicles, which act as the body’s passageway to eliminate dead skin cells. The build-up will also cause the skin to swell up, stretching the pores in the process and making them look larger than normal.

Other causes of large pores include aging skin which does not snap back into place and sags, stretching out the pores, as well overexposure to sun which triggers the growth of additional skin cells which thickens and stretches the area around the pores.


A relatively new laser resurfacing procedure, carbon laser peel makes use of laser beams to treat various skin imperfections. In general, it helps to enhance the radiance of your skin while also leaving your skin smooth and revitalised.

The treatment will commence by covering the face with a thin carbon layer, after which a focused laser beam will be aimed at the skin which produces a clicking sound. Absorbing the laser beam due to its dark shade, the carbon particles will then be removed via a light vacuum which simultaneously removes the upper layer of skin which is damaged.

By generating thermal energy within the skin, fresh collagen will be produced while a fresh skin layer will be revealed. This will increase the rate of connective tissue growth significantly and the carbon particles exfoliate the skin, purifying the pores thoroughly.

Without causing pain or discomfort, the only sensation you will experience is minor and is similar to pins and needles. The laser is non-invasive and versatile, allowing for treatment in difficult areas such as the nose.


You can get back to your daily activities immediately following treatment as no downtime is needed at all. Results should be noticeable after the first treatment, making this one of the most popular treatments out there.

Depending on your skin condition, the sessions required may vary while combining this treatment with other products or procedures may be effective. Our doctors will help to guide you and discuss the possible course of action for you to obtain good results.