Sagging Skin on the Body & Face

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Saggy skin is a condition where the skin loses its elasticity.  When we are younger, the collagen and elastin inside the skin will neutrally stimulate and rejuvenate the skin. But as we start aging rapidly, the production of collagen and elastin slows down. Thus, the skin cannot be restored back to its original form, which then causes saggy skin.  Saggy skin or excess skin can be frustrating and might impact a person’s self-esteem.

Saggy skin can happen during weight loss and pregnancy when the skin is being stretched out rapidly. Common places people experience saggy skin includes the face, stomach, neck, buttocks, arms and legs.

What is Saggy Skin


There are some other factors aside from low production of collagen and elastin that causes saggy skin. Repetitive facial expressions, sleeping positions, smoking and prolonged sun exposure are a few of the other factors.. Extreme and rapid weight gain or loss also may lead to saggy skin. The skin stretches, and if you have prolonged overweight after gaining weight, the skin will sag further due to the loss of collagen and elastin.

Over-exposure to the sun can damage skin cells and increase the effects of aging, which doubles the rate of saggy skin and wrinkles. The ultraviolet radiation produced by the sun will break down collagen and elastin production of the skin.

Saggy skin may also caused by the genetics inherited from previous generation. This genetic condition is most likely related to the muscles that support the skin. As the muscles gradually weaken as aging starts, the fat accumulates in that area and form saggy portions of skin. The skin may sag easily because lacking of muscle beneath the skin.

How Does Saggy Skin Happen


There are many options in helping to improve skin texture and prevent saggy skin In order to avoid medical procedure, these are the options available:

Firming Products

Firming Products

Use of firming cream or lotion are often subtle, they may help in improving the appearance of saggy skin. Most of the cream are usually for moisturise purpose. It helps in moisturising the skin temporarily which reduce the lines and wrinkles. Choose a firming cream that contains product of retinoid. Use of retinoids will prevent free radical damage in the skin which negatively affects collagen production. Retinoids may help in increasing the production of collagen, hence improving the skin texture to appear young and healthy.



Taking an antioxidantsanti-oxidants supplements  will help your skin to glow. There are no instant or magic pills to fix saggy skin, but good supplements will be helpful.

  • Collagen hydrolysate – promote collagen production
  • Protein – contain amino acids that will help in building blocks for collagen production
  • Vitamin C – help to synthesise collagen
  • Gelatin – is a cooked animal collagen that helps in production of collagen.



Apply sunscreen products regularly before going outdoors will help protect your skin. No sunscreen can block all the uv rays, but applying sunscreen may reduce it. Use sunscreen SPF 30 and above will help. Choose skincare that contains hyaluronic acid can restore water to sagging and aged skin.



Home remedies and lifestyle changes might be the best way in dealing with early stages of saggy skin. 

  • Exercise – Regular exercise will help in tightening back the skin. Building muscle mass through weight training can help decrease the appearance of saggy skin by strengthening and toning up the muscles. Exercise routine may vary depending on how your skin sag. If you have sagging or loose skin from pregnancy, consult with the doctors before starting to exercise.
  • Weight Loss- Saggy skin may be caused by excessive stubborn fat beneath the skin. This fat is called subcutaneous fat which makes skin to appear appear. Losing this fat could firm up the skin.
  • Massage– Doing massage occasionally may increase the blood flow and help evoke an anti aging response. You may also use salt and sugar scrub to increase the blood flow. Uses of scrub shed the dead skin and promote the circulation to the skin.
  • Hydrate–Stay hydrated and moisturised helps prevent fluid retention. Fluid retention happens when there is an excess of fluid build up inside the body system. Keep moisturising the skin in order to have plump and firm skin.
  • Supplement– Grape seed oil has been shown to tighten skin and improve skin’s elasticity.

Tighten Loose Skin


If all the traditional ways aren’t effective enough to treat saggy skin, you might consider an abrasive treatment. There are many procedures either surgical or nonsurgical procedures that can help with saggy skin, which includes:

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