Uneven Skin Tone on Face & Body: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Medically reviewed by Doctor Azizi Yusuf on Jul 31, 2019


Uneven skin tones or better known as hyperpigmentation is a natural skin phenomenon that happens as a result of the overproduction of melanin. One of the biggest mistakes that people fall into is trying to mask the uneven skin tones and not care at all about treating the problem at hand. It’s also going to get worse with time if you don’t do anything about it, that’s why people have advanced cases of uneven skin tones. This unequal aggregation of melanin cause white or dark spots under the skin.

What Does Uneven Skin Tone Mean


Uneven skin tones happen when UV light exposure triggers a massive increase of skin cells called solar lentigo or sun spots. The skin cells then form a shade that is too dark as well as melanocyte cells that create melasma which are unneeded skin cells in your skin that causes the obvious discoloration. Overtime, these chemical reactions in your skin formulate and develop that cause this, and the worst thing to do is to just conceal it and forget about it. It’s important to look after it and know how to get rid of it.

How Do Uneven Skin Tones Happen


There are many degrees to which the uneven skin tones can happen, some are most subtle that almost everyone has them and they go unnoticed, and some are severe and they develop. There are many types, some are birthmarks and others are just a result of old age.


Lentigines are dark spots more commonly known as age or liver spot, they often happen due to old age and they are not freckles.


Birthmarks are also another uneven skin tone type and they cannot be prevented, they naturally happen as a result of an abnormal blood vessel in the skin. They can happen anywhere and they are not affected by the sun exposure or over the counter treatments. They can be removed easily with the help of a dermatologist.


Melasma is another uneven skin tone type that often happens with pregnant women, it can also happen hormonally due to some contraceptives or even excess sun exposure.

Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis can happen due to irritation or a rash that is not contagious; this rash can develop to become an uneven skin tone discoloration.


Vitiligo are also other skin tone discolorations that happen due to the lack of production in skin hormones and they result in white patches around the body. They can be treated easily as long as you do not leave it to spread around the body.

excessive sun exposure

The other most common types are just due to excessive sun exposure that triggers an irregular amount of melanin which then causes the skin to have an uneven skin tone.



Excessive sun exposure without protecting yourself with an spf that is high enough. The other causes can be hormonal imbalances; many people face this in their pregnancy, severe periods, harsh chemicals in the contraceptive pills, and even in some cases puberty. But these can easily be treated and even prevented with the right skincare routine.

Injury can also be a uneven skin tone cause, become some injuries scrap off the outer layer of the skin, a lot of time is needed to trigger the production of melanin in that particular spot, but there are many treatments to those white spots cause by injuries. Pollution can also be a major setback in your skin, the chemical imbalances and polluted environment can wreak havoc on the skin.

One of the other causes is acne as it is proven to be related to uneven skin coloration: More than 70% before 35 years old, both in women and men are affected by skin discoloration due to acne. This prevalence rapidly decreases with age to involve <10% of people older than 50 years.

Causes Of Uneven Skin Tones


One of the best ways to get rid of uneven skin tones is by preventing them from happening in the first place. The best way to do that is to apply a daily spf sun screen protector every single day. It does not matter if there is a lot of sun or if there is barely any sun. The UV light travels regardless. So apply a daily spf moisturizer in the day to protect yourself from uneven skin tones.

Exfoliation is another great way to prevent uneven skin tones, by taking off the first layer of dull old skin, you are able to trigger new fresh skin that clears the path for moisturizers and spf creams. Moreover, the discoloration can be just under the skin, and by exfoliating at least weekly, you are going to take off any discoloration or imperfections.

Moreover, stay away from pollution as much as possible since you never know what is in the polluted environment. If you cannot afford to stay away from the polluted areas, then washing your face at least three times per day and moisturizing is critical.

Furthermore, one of the best way to prevent skin tone discoloration is to buy a combo product that takes care of the possibility of having uneven skin tones, acne, dry skin and spots.

How to prevent uneven skin tones


One of the best ways to make your skin lighter is staying away from the sun as much as possible and protecting your skin with an spf cream. This will ensure that the sun won’t damage your skin cells and cause any irregularities.

Apply a weekly face mask with natural ingredient such as bananas, honey, oats, orange, milk and lemons. They will not only clean your face thoroughly, but they will also take care of any uneven skin, make your skin appear lighter and even prevent it from breaking out.

Exfoliate your face at least once per week and no more than two times per week, this will get rid of the old dull outer layer skin and bring forth new young skin.

How To Make Skin Lighter


The best way to take care of your skin is to use the most natural ingredients. Cucumber is one of those ingredients that always proves to be one of the best in skin care. There are many skin care creams and wrinkle prevention serums that are cucumber based available in the market.

Honey and milk are probably the best face moisturizer you can apply for your skin, they contain natural ingredients and agents that will force the skin to look plump, rosy and lighter.

Coffee and honey coconut scrubs are one of the best ways to cut back in your skin care routine budget and benefit from the caffeine effect on your skin. The combination is a great skin scrub where the caffeine from the coffee helps trigger the collagen production and take off the old layer of skin. You will feel ten years younger just doing this for the first time.

Natural Ways Of Skin Routine

One of the best ways to prevent any skin issues is proper nutrition and hydration in day to day basis. Make sure you are drinking enough liquids in the day, and do not eat a lot of products that have a lot of sodium since they will bloat the skin and make it more prone to breakouts and thus more prone to uneven skin tones.

Stay Hydrated


Over our clinic, there are many treatments we can do which are usually tailored to each and every individual depending on their level of skin unevenness and possible previous conditions.

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