Birthmarks: What It Means to You

Medically reviewed by Doctor Chen Tai Ho on Jun 17, 2019


Babies every now and again have transient pimples or blotches that vanish not long after they might be conceived. These are called birthmarks. It’s very ordinary to see birthmarks on their pores and skin during childbirth or rapidly after. Birthmarks go from inconsistently sizeable to distorting. And yet, regardless of how huge or little there, they can be frightening.

What are birthmarks


Birthmarks might be level or raised, have normal or anomalous outskirts, and have stand-out shades of shading from dark-colored, tan, dark, or light blue to red, purple, or purple. 

They’re normally innocuous and many even leave on their own one of a kind or therapist after some time. Commonly birthmarks are related to various wellness issues.  Despite the fact that, so impact on your specialist about regardless of whether this may be the situation to your tyke.


There are two kinds of birthmark, which have diverse causes. Vascular (vein) birthmarks happens when veins don’t frame effectively — either there are such a large number of them or they’re more extensive than expected. Pigmented birthmarks is brought about by an excess of the cells that make shade (shading) in skin.

Vascular Birthmarks

The common birthmarks are macular stains, hemangiomas, and port-wine stains:

Macular stains

Macular stains (salmon patches):  kisses by angels, or stork nibbles, these swoon red imprints are the most widely recognized sort of vascular birthmarks. They’re frequently on the eyelids, the back of the neck, or on the nose, upper lip, or on the back of the head.


Hemangiomas: Hemangiomas are delegated as superficial when they show up on the outside of the skin (“strawberry mark”) and profound when discovered further underneath the skin’s surface. Hemangiomas develop quickly amid the initial a half year or so of life, yet typically contract back and vanish when children’s 5 to 10 years of age.

Port-wine stains

Port-wine stains: Port-wine stains are brought about by an irregular arrangement of little veins under the skin. They can happen anyplace on the body yet are frequently found on the face and neck. Port-wine stains may begin as pink or red and turn dull red or purple.


Pigmented Birthmarks

These pigmented birthmarks occur when more pigment is in skin from the other part of the skin. Types of pigmented birthmarks:


Moles: Moles in color of pink to light brown or in black. Birthmarks on face or any other part size change sometimes flat or may be raised. Moles always round in shape. Moles can be occurring on any part of the body.  

Café au lait spots

Café au lait spots: Somehow Oval in shape. In French translation it is called ‘’coffee with milk’’. As much skin is darker it will be darker.  They are mostly brown in color. They can appear in any stage of life of early life.   

Mongolian blue spots

Mongolian blue spots: They are mostly occurring in naturally dark skin people. When it is brushing then can be harmful but otherwise it is not painful. They appear on the buttocks and lower back.


They can’t be forestalled and they’re not brought about by anything done or not done during pregnancy. There’s no reality to old spouses’ stories about “stains” being brought about by something the mother did or ate. The reason for most birthmarks is obscure. They can be acquired, however for the most part are definitely not. They are ordinarily not identified with any effect during pregnancy.



A critical number of birthmarks blur away with no requirement for treatment. Be that as it may, if the skin coloration causes medical issues, or if the patient feels unequivocally about disposing of it, the specialist may prescribe treatment.



There are some natural solutions for the birthmarks incorporate applying lemon juices or olive oil to the influenced zone.

Natural ways of reducing birthmark


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