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Tummy Fat Reduction Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is the injection of small doses of medications via tiny needles into a localized area. It can be done on the scalp to promote hair grown. Mesotherapy (or meso for short) can also be performed on the face to rejuvenate the face and to restore youth to the face. Mesotherapy can also be used for localized, targeted fat reduction, especially stubborn belly fat.

Dr Elaine Chong performed a session of Mesotherapy for fat loss, also known as Mesolipo, for Miss Apple Tan. Dr Elaine Chong of Premier Clinic in Bangsar first cleansed the treatment area, in this case the abdomen, before proceeding with the procedure. Ice packs are applied on the area before injection to make it numb and more comfortable. The actual procedure takes less than 5 minutes and can be repeated every few weeks.

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