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MesoLipo Fat Melting Injection

Most of us develop lumps and bumps of unsightly fat and/or cellulite in our lives. This fat is not easy to get rid of and requires a lot of commitment and discipline if using traditional methods. The MesoLipo fat melting injection using mesotherapy techniques specifically target localised fat and cellulite deposits. It is a less invasive alternative to liposuction and slowly dissolves the deposits with injections of substances that specially targets the fatty cells. After this, the body proceeds to naturally remove the residue over the following weeks.

MesoLipo fat melting injection is an effective body contouring treatment that can be performed during brief visits to our clinic, after consultation by our doctors. Using injectable substances to target cellulite and localised fat deposits, fat reduction and weight loss can be accomplished without the need for extensive surgery. The injections consist of a natural soy bean lecithin and enzymes which help to dissolve small, stubborn fat deposits that resist diet and exercise.



  • No need for a general anaesthetic as the procedure is painless and does not cause discomfort
  • Short recovery period, allowing a swift return to work and normal activities
  • More affordable than other surgical alternatives
  • Contours body, resulting in a more shapely figure
  • Improves appearance of skin and reduces cellulite

Over the past 10 years, doctors across the world have successfully used mesotherapy procedures on many patients. Some non-medical spas and practitioners with little experience have had difficulties with these injections; it is imperative that you seek treatment from a well-established medical clinic with a long track record to keep yourself safe and minimise the risk of any unwanted complications.

Within a safe, clinical setting, this method of weight loss can aid in the reduction of localised fat deposits and results are likely to be visible after four or more treatment sessions. It is a quick procedure and any side effects experienced will be minor, such as swelling, bruising and soreness and these should subside naturally in a short period of time.