Hirsutism: Excessive Hair Growth on Face & Body

Medically reviewed by Dr Vanessa Leow on Jun 16, 2019


Excessive Hair

Human body has it owns unique texture which varies to some extent from person to another. Hair is an important part of our body texture as it functions to protect the skin from any harm. The hair is not only beautify our bodies but also main factors used to differentiate between men and women.

Sometimes, these hair grow excessively and cause different problems. Hair growth in human beings also varies from person to another. In some cases, the people who are suffering from excessive hair growth have to consult with doctors to get rid of these excessive hair.

Nowadays, excessive hair are considered a problem for body makeup and also cause psychological complex. The growth of excessive hair on unwanted parts of the body is called Hirsutism.

Excessive Hair Hirsutism


The identification of excessive hair on your body is quite easy. The appearance of dark and stiff hair on those parts of the body which either do not have hair or have light hair is a symptom of hirsutism. This identification also depends on the ethnic belief. This is because the excessive hair for men and women of a race may not be excessive hair for men and women of the other race. Modern research says that excessive hair may also be due to excess of androgens in the body.

Other symptoms appear as a result of the process called virilization. In this process, excessive hair grow on various parts of the body over time. The symptoms may include excessive muscle mass, decreasing breast size, acne, deepening voice, baldness, and enlarged clitoris.

Symptoms of Excessive Hair

Symptoms of Excessive Hair


Experts agree to the fact that the main cause of excessive hair growth in men and women is the hormonal imbalance. They are of the view that androgen levels in the body increase at the stage of puberty. This disturbance in the level of hormone causes excessive hair growth. Some of the most common causes of excessive hair on their bodies are:

Imbalance of Sex Hormones

Imbalance of Sex Hormones

The major cause of excess hair on the unwanted parts of the male and female human bodies is the imbalance of sex hormone. This symptom usually appears when teenagers reach puberty. The imbalance in sex hormone may also cause obesity, infertility, and other sex related problems.

Exposure to Cortisol

Exposure to Cortisol

Formation of excessive hair on the human bodies also may be caused by continuous exposure to cortisol. Cortisol, a form of hormone which is produced in excess by adrenal glands in the body. Certain medication may also increase the production of cortisol thereby resulting in excessive hair.

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Hirsutism may be caused by heredity, as it can be inherited from one generation to the next generation. It can be passed to the next generation through steroid hormones inherited from the ancestor. Steroid hormone controls the production of androgen and cortisol in the body. Any imbalance in these hormones may result in excessive hair growth.



Above all, the most common cause of excess hair on the unwanted body parts are the medications taken for treatment of various diseases. Most of the anti-depression medicines cause hirsutism in men and women.


Generally, excessive hair are incurable. However, experts agree that weight-loss is the most recognizable cure of these hair. This becomes imperative especially if you are suffering from obesity.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of shavers available in the market. You can also use an electric shaver for removing excessive hair from the bodies. There are also many hair removing creams that can help you remove hair quite easily.


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