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Botulinum Toxin Injection for Facial Sculpting / Contouring

Aging is inevitable for everyone but it doesn’t mean you can’t hack your way through it. Through the years, you’ve heard of celebrities and other famous personalities getting ‘botox’ to make sure they’re as fresh-looking and youthful as ever. Today, Botox has become the most popular form of non-surgical treatment in the cosmetic business. Every year, over 6 million Botox treatments are administered. It is often administered together with facial surgery procedures such as eyelid lift or facelift to make the said procedures more effective.

Why Botox

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Botox is a botulinum toxin produced by a microbe called Clostridium botulin. It is used in cosmetics to get rid of wrinkles or in medicine to treat several muscular conditions by temporarily paralyzing the muscles. In its pure state, botulinum toxin can be lethal, which is why it is only used in cosmetic in its highly diluted form. It is proven safe and has gained the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In Malaysia, it is registered under the Ministry of Health, and Premier Clinic is recognised as a certified body to perform such treatment.

Many people in Malaysia choose to get a Botox injection for its numerous benefits, starting with how it is effective in weakening the muscles used when you crinkle your eyes or squint them, thereby removing signs of wrinkles or crow’s feet around the eyes. Botox works without numbing the targeted area.

Botox can also change your expression by simply removing the wrinkles in your brow. Instead of looking like you are perpetually angry or sad, wrinkle-free brows can make you look content and relaxed.

People also choose to get Botox to remove their forehead wrinkles that make them look more aged, more haggard. Years of using your face to create different expressions can leave creases on your skin, but a Botox injection to your face can help relax its muscles, leading to fewer wrinkles and smoother, younger-looking skin. A single Botox treatment can give you fewer forehead wrinkles for several months.

One of the more recent discoveries as a Botox benefit is jaw contouring. Botox can treat oversized masseter muscles in the jaw, reducing them and creating a gentler curved jaw and cheek. This is often preferred by people with a square-shaped face to get their desired oval-shaped face.

Botox is also known as a non-cosmetic treatment for excessive sweating, migraine, and blepharospasm, or uncontrollable eye twitching. Overall, this treatment is suitable for:

    • A square-shaped jawline
    • A jawline that is more masculine in nature
    • Chubby cheeks
    • Cheeks to appear “slimmer”
    • Those who want to reduce involuntary teeth grinding (bruxism)

How Botox Works

Botox can be safely used when injected into humans in very small concentrations and in its highly diluted form. It stops signals from the nerve cells from reaching muscles, causing the latter to stay paralyzed temporarily.

Muscles contract when the nerve cells produce the chemical messenger called acetylcholine right at the spot where the nerve endings join the muscle cells. Acetylcholine then attaches its receptors to the muscle cells, causing them to shorten or contract.

However, the introduction of Botox into the human body stops the release of acetylcholine, which meant muscles become paralyzed and cannot contract, making them less stiff. Although, do not have to worry as after the effect reduces gradually, you may experience your natural sensation as always.

Botox helps reduce the wrinkles at the corners of the eye when you smile.


What to Expect

There is no real threat in dealing with Botox. However, there are a few minor side effects that you might experience after the treatment. You might feel mild numbness in the treated area, minor bruising or swelling, temporary headache or nausea, two to three weeks of drooping eyelid, and flu-like symptoms. It is recommended to test for a possible allergic reaction to the toxin before getting Botox.

But these side effects can be minimized if the doctor uses proper injection techniques and if you leave the injection area alone for 12 hours after getting the treatment. In Premier Clinic, our doctors are highly trained to conduct Botox treatment, and we have been spreading joy to Malaysian for the last 5 years.

Before treatment, our doctor will determine which parts will need Botox by asking you to contract some parts of your face. Based on what facial muscles you want treated, those areas will be marked and later numbed with a cream or cold compress. No anesthesia is required. The Botox will be injected directly into the muscles that need treatment using a very small needle. If you may feel discomfort, it will disappear after a short time.

The actual injection only requires around 10 minutes or so, then you can return to your usual activities for the day. But the entire doctor’s appointment may last for an hour or so, from the start of the preparation to finish, depending on your case.

Botox Injection Demonstration

Botox helps reduce the wrinkles at the corners of the eye when you smile.


1. Is the treatment painful?

Any injection would feel like a small, prickly feeling, but the needles use for Botox injection in Premier Clinic is very small. Besides, your treated area will be numbed with anesthetic cream before the injection so wouldn’t feel any discomfort.

2. Does the procedure have side effects?

If you’re having certain allergic reactions, it’s best to inform our expert doctors before the procedure. Actual side effects from Botox itself is very uncommon. Some patients may experience minor bruising, or redness due to their allergic reactions or skin sensitivity. However, these effects will reduce itself after few days.

3. Is there a long downtime?

There is no downtime required for Botox treatment. Most of our patients can go on their daily lives without Botox interfering.

4. How long does the procedure take?

The Botox injection only take about 1 hour to be completed.

5. When can I start to see results?

You can expect to notice the effects of Botox within 2-3 days after the procedure and your skin will appear smoother, fairer and younger!

6. How long do the result last?

The result will last up to 3-4 months after the treatment. You’re recommended to do follow up sessions to help maintain your beauty and Botox effects.

7. What should I do/don’t after the procedure?

As Botox works to fill in the skin and set the facial features, vigorous activities that involves pressures would have to be avoided to achieve optimum results. This includes working out (a big no-no), lying down on your face, touching, physical activities, and excessive heat exposure. You can start doing all these after 3rd or 4th day, just until the Botox sets in. Also, do not apply make-up or spray tan as to avoid any external infections.
To help with the treatment, you’re recommended to stay upright for 4 hours after the treatment, and apply very little pressure on the treated area.

8. Is there any food restrictions after the procedure?

Please avoid foods that would thin the blood such as alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, ginseng, green tea & gingko as it may cause bruising or swelling. Besides that, there are no specific food that would cause complication to Botox injection.

9. What’s the entire process like, from the start of getting an appointment until the end of procedure?

The process starts with a consultation session with our expert doctors whereby they will answer to any of your concerns or questions before the procedure. Should you’re deemed fit to undergo the treatment, you’ll be ushered to a room where Botox will be slowly injected to your desired area. The whole process takes less than 1 hour to complete.

10. Is the procedure expensive? How do I get the price estimate?

The prices at Premier Clinic are very competitive. There are also payment plans such as easy payment scheme and flexi payment plan provided for your convenience.

11. How long do I make an appointment? Your locations and opening hours?

The appointment should be made at least 1 day before the date. This would allow us ample time to prepare for the procedure for your convenience. However, you’re highly recommended to make an early reservation to ensure you get the slot you wanted.
Reservations can be made via Whatsapp/Call at +6012-662-5552 or via email at contactus@premier-clinic.com.

We are available in strategic location around KL Valley namely in TTDI, Bangsar, Puchong and KL City. Kindly make your way to our nearest branch should you have any inquiries.

We are open from 10am to 3pm on Monday, and 10am – 7pm on Tuesday to Saturday. Please note that we are closed on Sunday.


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