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There’s Filler In My Penis & My Wife Couldn’t Be Happier

Penis Enlargement @ Kuala Lumpur

Mike – not real name – has been having insecurities in regards of his small penis. All his life he’s been bombarded with advertisements and penis enlargement products but none of it actually helped with his condition. His manhood is still the same size as before.

When Mike heard about penis enlargement with filler, he knew he had to check it out. Especially when he knew that the procedure is 100% safe, FDA approved and there is no real risk associated with it. After some researches, he made his mind up to look for Premier Clinic’s expertise. Premier Clinic is a leading aesthetic clinic in Malaysia, with our focus of improving lives of our clients through safe and effective procedures.

Premier Clinic is not a stranger with improving sex life. We have many procedures available for someone who’s looking to enhance their sex experience including vaginal tightening laser, penis whitening, vaginal whitening, asshole whitening – just to name a few. Penis enlargement is a procedure that our doctors are very familiar and very experienced with.

Here we recorded Mike’s journey to a more satisfying sex life.

Penis Enlargement Before & After


Mike was quite shy at first to disclose his detailed information and his expectation. He met with Dr Nigel Ong at our Premier Clinic KL City branch. He wanted to increase his girth size to at least 40% his normal flaccid penis. However, we told him that it needed to be done in two separate procedures (20% increment in size is allowed for 1 procedure as not to give the penis too much pressure).

Penis enlargement is done by injecting a special filler called hyaluronic acid to the head and shaft of the penis to increase its diameter. This procedure is practically safe with no downtime or side effects.

penis enlargement by fillers

After his first procedure, he managed to increase the diameter of his manhood by 20% and it made a great impact in his sex life. “I am more confident now on the bed. The confidence gave me the strength to elongate our sex. And my wife is super happy!” he said after meeting Dr Nigel for the second time.

1st session (done 1 month ago) :

Length Before 10.5cm – After 11.5cm
Circumference Shaft Before 8.5cm – After 10.5cm
Circumference Glans Before 8.5cm – After 9.5cm


When asked about his first treatment – any complicacies, worries or side effects, he mentioned that first night after the treatment he couldn’t have sex. This is expected as the filler needs time to set and this would take at least 48 hours. However, there are no further complicacies as he followed Dr instructions very carefully.

Coming for a second round, he is looking to increase more of girth size to a full 40% of its original size. This time, Dr Nigel injected more HA filler to his head. This would give it the desired ‘mushroom head’ that would give a greater pleasure to the partner.

After the second procedure, Mike left Premier Clinic with a happy face (and filler in his penis). As HA filler can last for 1 years, it would be quite some time for us to see him again. We hope we have successfully make Mike dreams a reality.

2nd session:

Length Before 11.5cm – After 12.5cm
Circumference Shaft Before 10.5cm – After 11.5cm
Circumference Glans Before 9.5cm – After 11.5cm


2nd Penis Enlargement Before After

2nd Penis Enlargement Before After

If you’re having a similar problem like Mike, do not hesitate to give us a call at 012-662-5552 (Whatsapp available), or just drop us an email at contactus@premier-clinic.com. We are available throughout the year from 8am to 12 midnight everyday.

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Dr Chen Tai Ho is the founder of Premier Clinic. He has over 18+ years of experience in aesthethic practices. Earned his double degree in 2001 from National University of Malaysia (UKM) and certificate and diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. A member of Society of Anti-Aging, Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine of Malaysia (SAAARM) and Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (MSAM), he aspires to bring out the inner beauty in everyone and show it to the world.

He is also active in social charity events, helping out with medical services to the needy such as Pertiwi Soup Kitchen and Pit Stop Cafe.


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