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The Suprising Truth About Penis Enlargement

Premier Clinic Penis Enlargement

Premier Clinic Explains The Suprising Truth About Penis Enlargement

If you go to the street and asked any man, most will low-key agree that ‘the bigger, the better’ concept is not relevant. BUT, ask any ladies and majority will say the one hard truth ‘PENIS SIZE DOES PLAY A ROLE IN SATISFYING SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP’.

Based on a research done on 50 female samples, 45 of them or 90% reported penis width is important in sexual satisfaction when having an intercourse (source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC33342/ ). The accurate statistics along with females’ perceptions drives men to unbelievable extends to increase their penis size.

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However, there are a lot of myths circulating in regards of penis enlargement. To give you a clearer picture of penis enlargement procedure, we instigated a research with our doctors to get the insights on penis enlargement ‘hot topic’ especially in Malaysia.

What are the common misconceptions of penile enlargement in Malaysia?

The most common misconception in Malaysia is the claims of oral medication. No pills, potions or any oral medications that are found proven medically to increase penis size. The superb marketing and overclaims led our consumers into believing that they work. However, the consumers may be signing up for more than what they bargained for. The consumed product, especially the ones unapproved by KKM or MOH may cause liver and blood complication in the future.

No Pills for Penis Enlargement

Are there any safe procedures to increase penile size?

There are, but not by consumption. There are other solutions in the market such as penis pump, filler or surgery. Filler injections and surgery, if performed by qualified practitioner, can really make a difference in your sex life. It can heighten the sensitivity and size of the penis significantly.

From A Lady’s Finger To An Eggplant! Penis Enlargement Explained!

How to get bigger penis without compromising your sex life

Penis Enlargement Before & After KL

What are the available solutions and how are the procedures done?

Penis pump, is a treatment using a tube to suck the air dry out and creates a temporary vacuum area around your penis. What this do is to encourage the blood flow to your penis, maximising its size potential. It is also used for patients who has erectile dysfunction problem.

Filler injection is procedure whereby a type of filler is injected into your penis tip and shaft to increase the size. It may add up to 20% of the original penis size. The filler may last up to 2 years.

Penis enlargement surgery is another extreme approach for the goal. Penuma penis enlargement surgery is the only FDA-approved surgery to increase the penis size whereby a crescent-size silicone is inserted between your skin and penile shaft to drastically improve the size. Of course, this is more risky compared to the other 2 but if done by professional doctor, it should be okay.

Penis Enlargement @ Premier Clinic

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What about the cost range for the treatments?

Of course, it depends on the solutions and cost effectiveness. For example, you can get penis pump from any sex stores or online stored from RM150 – RM300. For penis filler, it depends on the amount of fillers needed. Usually it ranges from RM2500 – RM7000. As for Penuma surgery, it can set you back from RM15,000 – RM50,000.

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Can these treatments also improve other constituents of sex? Like erection longevity, stamina performance, and ejaculation?

Unfortunately, no. Penis enlargement procedures are only to improve the penile measurement only. Other products may help with different issues such as Caverject or P-Shot to help with erection.

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Other than these, how else can you improve your penis size?

Eating healthy and exercise. Exercising can improve arterial health, which means promote blood flow to the penis, allowing it to erect fully, and look bigger. The combination of eating healthy and exercising also helps to lose the pot belly. As your tummy getting bigger, it encroaches the base of the penis, making it appear smaller than it already is. Besides that, eat more vegetables instead of meat and protein. A diet consisting of high protein raises cholesterols which if accumulated can cause blood flow problems. When the penis doesn’t get enough blood, it cannot erect fully.

How to get more information on penis enlargement?

Premier Clinic is offering a FREE consultation for anyone who has concerns in regards to their penis size. Penis filler and Caverject are available in Premier Clinic should you’re interested. You may call our customer service representatives (available from 8am to 12 midnight everyday) at 012-662-5552 or contactus@premier-clinic.com to schedule an appointment.

Or, you can read here to know more about penis enlargement with filler: https://premier-clinic.com/penis-enlargement-bf/

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