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Penis Whitening Making Its Hard Impact, Kuala Lumpur

Laser Penis Whitening Kuala Lumpur

Whilst skin whitening is common nowadays, penis whitening might raise some eyebrows. Why do people do it, one might ask. Well, first of all, according to the people who have done it, it rapidly increases their confidence especially in an occasion whereby one has to take off their undergarments. As the news of this ‘new’ procedure took a viral hit in Thailand, we are proud to say we have been offering this treatment for quite some time.

The trend of penis whitening has now reached out to Malaysian. People now are more concerned with how they look and there’s nothing wrong with having a colored enhanced penis. In fact, vagina whitening has overtook the trend longer before penis whitening is even a thing. It shows that the person is taking a good care of their private part, thus look more hygienic.

However, we strongly suggest you to proceed to trusted clinic to perform this treatment as home remedies or ineligible clinics might do you more harm than good.


The dark skin color on penis is caused by excessive amount of melanin. The melanin doesn’t cause any effects to the skin but causing the penis looks uneven in tones with the body. Some people are shy with the appearance of their darken penis thus they seek our help to further lighten the private part.

The penis whitening treatment uses the Q-switch Nd:YAG laser to alter pigmentation in the nether region. The same laser treatment has long being used for anal bleaching or anus whitening. Like the procedure for anus whitening, the laser is targeted strategically to reduce the amount of melanin. The melanin destroyed during this treatment will then be exiled through the body in natural biological metabolism process.

However, please note that penis whitening is strictly cosmetics only. It could not used to help with any existing condition like pre-mature ejaculation, penis size or penis strength.


Q-switch Nd:YAG laser treatment is FDA approved, so you can rest assured that this treatment is very safe and effective. In Premier Clinic, we use only top quality laser machine available to avoid any mishap or future complicacies.

As penis whitening does not involve any surgery or insertion, this treatment does not require any downtime. In fact, you may go on your daily routine once the treatment is completed. Similar to those who are going for anus bleaching and anal whitening, there is no downtime required.

There should be no swelling, or redness after the procedure. However, should you’re concern with after procedure complicacies, kindly contact our expert technicians. We advise you not to have rough sex in 2 days after the treatment as your skin might be sensitive to the hard surface.


As the pioneer of penis whitening in Malaysia, we offer our clients a FREE consultation session. Do not worry of your privacy as we pride ourselves with our patient-doctor confidentiality policy. Your identity will be our priority and will not be disclosed to any third party.

Our doctors in Premier Clinic are dedicated to help you with any inquiries or concerns you have regarding the treatment. We are also open to your preference of male and female doctors who’d be treating you. Schedule your FREE consultation session through Whatsapp/call at 012-662-5552 from 8am to 12pm everyday. We are also reachable by email at contactus@premier-clinic.com.

We are also available in strategic areas: TTDI, Bangsar, KL City (at Megan Avenue 1) and Puchong. Kindly visit us for more info regarding anal bleaching, anus whitening and penis whitening. We look forward to hear from you!

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