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Penile Enlargement: Premier Clinic KL vs The Others

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What so special about having your penile enlargement at Premier Clinic? You may come across many procedure, such as water-base enlargement pump, clamping, jelqing which they claimed to have good result on the enlargement of the penis. Apart from procedures, there are also many supplements such as penis enlargement pills or patches are out in the market and claimed to be safe and effective. Out of so many alternatives, you must be wondering why to pick us?

First thing first, there are no proof that these procedures can give good results. And it may have side-effects or even causing long-term devastating damage to the penis. Where for supplements and pills, certain products may containing non-harzadous ingredients, but most of them are not tested for side effects and safety, and none of these products has been proved helpful.

At Premier Clinic, our penile enlargement procedure is non-surgical, no-downtime, and no side effects. We are using FDA-approved dermal fillers for the penile enlargement, and the process can usually be completed in 1 hour. The procedure is simple and safe due to the very small size of the needles, which also means there is very minimal discomfort or pain. For most people, local anaesthetic is not required.

If you want to know how penile enlargement could benefit your sex life? You can visit the following link http://www.drchentaiho.com/how-penile-enlargement-could-benefit-your-sex-life/ to read the full article that written by Dr Chen Tai Ho.

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