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Body Contouring by Non-Surgical Thread Lift


The thread lift treatment can be used to firm up selected parts of the body, giving you a more youthful appearance overall.* The décolletage, breast, buttocks, knees, arms and elbows can all benefit from this treatment which can address growing folds, wrinkles, saggy skin, stretch marks and other aesthetic imperfections. You may also consult your doctor to discuss other parts of the body which you want to address, as thread lift is a very versatile treatment and can be adapted accordingly.


Using a very fine, sterile needle, the absorbable PDO (Polydiozanone) threads will be inserted into the treatment area. The threads will stimulate the production of fresh collagen and elastin – the proteins required for your skin to become more elastic and to repair itself. Over the next 6-8 months, the threads will gradually be absorbed by your body. Your skin texture will improve after the procedure, becoming firmer and tighter while wrinkles are reduced and pores become smaller. The colour of your skin should also improve to reflect a healthier appearance overall.

Threadlift can also be used for breast, tummy and neck

Non-Surgical Thread Lift


Offering long term results which last for up to 1-2 years, thread lift is a non-surgical procedure which is suitable for individuals who do not want to go for surgery. The reduction of wrinkles and fine lines will be visible almost immediately following treatment, and no downtime is required. In addition, this treatment offers a natural alternative to Botox as it does not paralyse the muscles; it merely relaxes it and reduces the influence of their actions. This relaxed state ensure that your skin becomes smooth and appears more youthful.


To numb the skin prior to treatment, an anaesthetic cream will be used to minimise pain and discomfort for the patient. The procedure will take approximately 50 minutes to complete, but this is subject to the treatment area. You may experience a prickling sensation which is similar to that of acupuncture needling but this will not be painful, and any redness that occurs will subside in a few days.

Threads may vary in length and thickness, subject to the treatment area. Your doctor will advise you on treatments for specific areas in order for you to get the good results.

MINT Lift procedure to our patient and check out the instant result of our patient.

Non-surgical Thread (MINT) Lift procedure to help on lift the face without surgery and create a sharper jawline

Non-Surgical Thread Lift demonstration


Non-Surgical Thread Lift on knees

Non-Surgical Thread Lift on ankles

Non-Surgical Thread Lift on face

thread lift treatment