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Dr Vanessa Leow



Dr Vanessa Leow is Premier Clinic’s aesthetic doctor specialising in skin rejuvenation (with skin boosters, Rejuran, PRP and stem cells), facial rejuvenation procedures including (and not limited to) fillers and collagen-stimulators (Radiesse, Ellanse), lifting procedures (threadlifts, Mint Lift, ultherapy), and laser treatments. Her main subspecialty includes stem cell rejuvenation and the combination therapy of fillers/collagen stimulators with threadlifts/ultherapy for a va-va-voom non-surgical facelift. Dr Leow operates mainly in our TTDI branch where she takes care of 60 – 80 patients per week.

Known for her friendly charm and jovial, affable personality, she builds up a good rapport with her patients within a few minutes of the consultation, easing the fears of her patients immediately. She is also known for her sharp, accurate diagnosis and pin-points the most suitable treatments for her patients’ conditions, therefore prescribing only treatments that they would benefit the most from. Her positive outlook, personality and elegant, alluring appearance inspires and gives confidence to her patients.


Dr Leow graduated from the prestigious University of Malaya with top grades in the dual degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. She also obtained the Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine from the renowned American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, United States of America.

She has a strong passion in the knowledge of skin health to benefit her patients and went on to obtain a Diploma in Primary Care Dermatology from the Institute of Dermatology, Bangkok. She also has vast knowledge of medical dermatology having previously worked 3 years in a big dermatology chain clinic in Malaysia and Indonesia and being trained by Dr Ko Chung Beng himself.

On top of that, she also furthered her skills in injectable fillers, collagen-stimulators and threadlifts by learning from a famous international injectable trainer from Singapore, Dr Israr Wong. She was specially invited to his course with international delegates and obtained the Certificate of Advanced Threadlift Therapy and the Certificate of Fillers and Collagen Stimulators Therapy from Israr Wong Aesthetic Academy.

Besides that, she was also specially invited for special training for Allergan Medical Institute for Botox & Filler and from Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics.

She also is constantly updating her medical aesthetic knowledge by attending international overseas aesthetic conferences like International Conference of Aesthetic Dermatology (ICAD) in Bangkok, International Masterclass on Aging Skin (IMCAS) in Taipei and Sinclair World Expert Meeting (Ellanse & Silhouette Soft) in Barcelona.


Dr Vanessa Leow has always been imbued with artistic talent and appreciation since young, being a piano player of Grade 8 and was also an invited choir member of the British Academy of Performing Arts.. Art has always been a part of her, even down to her fashion sense, where you will only see her in classy, elegant dresses and shoes. It was no wonder that she entered the medical aesthetic fraternity, where she could wield her immaculate aesthetic eye in combination with the latest medical science, to give the best rejuvenation and beautification experience for her patients.

She was also a straight A’s student from primary school to university, winning many academic awards and scholarships and also awards for “Model Student of the Year” for consecutive years in her schools, for her ability to juggle academic and extra-curricular activities.


Dr Leow is a member of the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), Malaysia Medical Association (MMA), American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), SAAARMM Society of Anti-Aging, Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine Malaysia, and MSAM Malaysia Society of Aesthetic Medicine.


Dr Leow loves to travel the world in search for her next artistic inspiration, and also sings with the British Academy of Performing Arts choir when she could make it out of her busy schedule. She is also a keen lover of classical and contemporary music, and plays her favourite pieces on her piano. She has also a sporty side when she puts on her white Nike sneakers and sweats it out in a game of tennis or jogging, having been part of the tennis school team and cross-country athlete in school last time.

She believes in “Carpe Diem”, meaning “Seize the Day”, to make the most out of every second and to give the best results in the shortest time for herself and her family and patients. Her treatment philosophies are “Look Yourself, Look Better” and “Medical Aesthetics: The Marriage of Art and Medical Science”. This is because she believes in giving patients rejuvenation results where they look younger and more attractive but still natural and like themselves, with a delicate blend of art with science.

If you’d like to meet Dr Leow for a consultation session regarding facial rejuvenation treatments, skin improvement or any aesthetic advice, kindly contact our friendly customer service representatives at 012-662-5552 or contactus@premier-clinic.com.