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Mesotherapy – Hair Loss


On average, most individuals lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair daily, but this is not usually visible. However, some people may experience excessive hair loss which is unsightly and leaves huge bald spots or patches.

Hair may begin to thin naturally due to aging, but hormonal changes, medical conditions and genetics are also potential factors. Large clumps of hair may also fall out during washing or combing due to a sudden looseness. It is also important to check for scalp infections, thyroid complications or other skin conditions as these may exacerbate or contribute to hair loss.


Mesotherapy aims to deliver a customised solution consisting of various amino acids, vitamins, minerals and more to a specific target area in the scalp. This rejuvenates the scalp and should stop the hair loss. It also stimulates the blood circulation around the scalp which helps hair follicles to grow and eventually start producing strands of hair again.

Small quantities of the treatment solution will be administered into your scalp via microinjections as the doctor carefully places the nutrients into a pre-determined area. This will trigger the healing process, as well as stimulate blood circulation in the scalp. There may be some minor discomfort experienced during the procedure, and a topical anaesthetic is available if required.

A treatment that is non-surgical, mesotherapy is progressive and safe and is able to treat a wide variety of scalp conditions as it can be tailored to individual needs. Hair loss should stop almost immediately after treatment, and hair will begin to grow again once the follicles are fully functional.


One key benefit of mesotherapy is that there is little or no downtime following the treatment. A mild form of skin redness may develop but this is minor and should subside within 24 hours. Depending on the condition of your scalp, results may be seen within 2 days but this is likely to vary from individual to individual.

Results do last for a relatively long period of time, but we recommend regular treatments to maintain your new hair as the natural effects of aging can never be fully reversed. You should consult your doctor in order to get an idea of what constitutes a suitable treatment cycle for you.


hair loss before after

hair loss before after

hair loss before after

hair loss before after

hair loss before after