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How to get rid of STUBBORN ACNE problem?

Anti Acne Promo Premier Clinic

You might have visited other clinics or bought creams from pharmacies but there was no long term result. So how does Premier Clinic’s treatment gives better results?

There are many factors contributing to acne, including overactive oil glands, clogged pores, acne-causing bacteria and hormones. Therefore, the best approach adopted by Premier Clinic to tackle stubborn acne is a multi-modality approach.

How to get rid of STUBBORN ACNE problem?

Premier Clinic’s acne treatment consist of using our own cream containing antibiotic cream, mixed with medicine to reduce oil production. Skin Peel containing salicylic acid helps to kill bacteria while at the same time reduces acne scars. LED Phototherapy promotes skin healingand reduces inflammation and redness without any side effects.

Demonstration of Skin Peel & LED Phototherapy 

Demonstration of Skin Peel Treatment

Demonstration of LED Phototherapy Therapy



“Right now after the treatment for almost two weeks, I can find that the scab area has been healing and the pimples scar has lighten. For me, it does helpful to treat your skin problem as far as you concern from Premier Clinic”

Lee Yann
Concern: Active acne & acne scars
Treatment performed: May 2016
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“The acne scars was obviously become brighter and lesser. Overall I feel satisfied as it really works for me. Even though some of the acne scars still there but its appearance became lesser and not so obvious anymore.”

Concern: Active acne & acne scars
Treatment performed: May 2015
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Celine Chen Yue

“Result immediately after the treatment. Just minimal redness on my skin and I was surprised that my pores were not that obvious! Thanks to Dr Kee for the awesome service!! And the staff from the clinic was so nice to make sure Im okay after the treatment the next day (so sweet!). Good service after all.”

Celine Chen Yue
Concern: Acne, oily & sensitive skin
Treatment performed: Feb 2016
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“By day 7, skin is clearly smoother, thanks to collagen remodelling. Since this is only first time experience, it was impossible to get 100% renew, smooth and bright skin, but 50% of improvement can be seen.”

Summer Kid
Concern: Acne scars
Treatment performed: March 2016
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Anti Acne Promo Premier Clinic

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Anti Ance Before After

Anti Ance Before After



Skin Peel for Acne

LED Photomodulation Therapy for Acne


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