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Premier Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment Video by Dr Kee

Stem Cell Hair Therapy

Dr Kee Yong Seng is here to explain more on what is Premier Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment, feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Executive +6 0126625552 or email to contactus@premier-clinic.com to make appointment with our experienced doctor today.

Interview Transcript:

Hi, I am Dr. Kee. I am here to introduce you a new hair loss therapy; it’s called Premier Stem Cell Hair Treatment.So, what is so exciting about this hair therapy?

So, what is so exciting about this hair therapy?

Firstly, you only need to do one treatment sessions. The procedure is straightforward which it takes less than one hour. Usually, can complete within 30 to 45 minutes per procedures.

Even if it is single treatment, you can see the results & the improvement of the hair density and the hair volume as soon as within one-month period. I also see cases, within two weeks period, my patients come back and tell me their experience that their hair looks better and looked more charming.

Lastly, this Premier Stem Cell Therapy is very safe; high safety profile since you can even use it for pregnant ladies or breastfeeding mother. We are using autologous techniques which harvesting your stem cell, and we transfer it to the hair balding areas. So, it doesn’t involve any cells from the foreign body.

Usually, it will take 6000 to 8000 unit of stem cells. On the third stage, it is quite simple, which we are going to withdraw the stem cells. After we mixed some of the cocktails and some physiology normal saline, we inject back on the scalp depends on how big is the area you need.

We use the smallest needle and probe, produce a lot of vibration. So that patients will feel comfortable throughout the injection. This procedure is very safe because neither the donor side nor the recipient side does not receive any scarring.

Patients come in for the procedures, after 45 minutes, you then can go out of the clinic. You can go back to their normal routines without any post protocol care.

But after this Premier stem cell hair therapy, you are advised not to touch your scalp. We prefer you to keep the scalp area clean, and you can resume your exercise activity on the next day. However, you are not advised to go to swimming pool because, in the water, they may have some chlorine which may affect the hair or the stem cell we just planted.

So, if you experienced some of the hair loss, tried a lot of methods which it’s not giving you a very good result. Or you are afraid of some of the treatments, or you wanted to do a treatment but worried about the side effects. It is one of the new treatment that you can think of trying because this treatment is very safe.

Only need one session you can see the results as soon as in a month time where it can improve or reverse the hair loss. It can also promote the new baby hair growth. It is the one treatment we noticed you could see the improvement after one session, especially on the hair density. And this what most of clients or patients are looking for – a better hair volume which can resume your self-confidence and improve your image.

Thank you.


——— Interview End ———

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