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Hair Restoration with Stem Cell Hair Treatment

For many, losing hair would push them to look for the latest and most effective hair treatments the soonest time possible. Hair loss is caused by the most common things one would never suspect such as abnormal hormone levels, genetic predisposition to baldness, stress, childbirth, side effect of certain drugs or other medical procedure, injuries, medical condition, diet, or some cosmetic procedures. If not treated immediately, hair loss can cause emotional distress, lower self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.

And men are not alone in this dilemma. Hair loss can be particularly difficult for women, who may end up developing negative body image issues more than men. But losing your hairline can be avoided or at least remedied with the help of stem cell hair treatment that can efficiently regrow your hair follicles to help multiply hair cells

Why Stem Cell for Hair Treatment?

There are several reasons why stem cell therapy is a popular hair loss treatment among those who suffer from thinning hair or receding hairline. First, it has been proven to work against hair loss without compromising your safety because it is minimally invasive as it only requires implanting hair follicles on your scalp.

Second, stem cell hair treatment is ideal for those who are badly in need of more abundant hair as soon as possible because it can be completed within just a few sessions and you will see the results within a month with just a little discomfort. That is how fast the stem cells work.
Third, it does more than help hair grow. The new hair growth will benefit from improved hair texture and quality, too.

Stem cell hair treatment gives hope not only to men and women who want to prevent more hair loss to maintain their appearance but also to those who suffer from Alopecia due to underlying medical conditions.

How Stem Cell Hair Treatment Works

People with slight to moderate hair loss may only require two sessions. During the first one, the doctor will remove around 500 hair follicles. These will be processed and lab-cultured to produce more stem cells. It may take around 15 to 20 days before the processed hair will be injected onto your scalp.

This process is as it is because human hair grows on the hair follicles still attached to your scalp, which meant that you cannot expect regrowth from dead or damaged hair follicles. Since stem cells were found to effectively stimulate cells, they can help grow a new batch of hair follicles once transplanted onto the scalp.

Another way that hair follicles produced from stem cell treatment work is that they continue to provide chemical signals to aging, shrinking follicles. These signals will tell them to continue growing healthy, quality hair.

What to Expect

Stem cell therapy for hair loss is deemed safe, considering its minimal side effects. There is no cause for concern. It only requires two to six sessions, depending on the extent of your hair loss or damage.

During the session, you can expect a mild pinprick while new hair follicles are injected onto your scalp. You might also feel some pain after the treatment, but it should disappear after seven days or so. The procedure does not require a recovery time, with the only precaution being to avoid doing excessive exercise for a week. It is also important to get the treatment with a companion who can drive you home or arrange for someone to fetch you from the clinic because you cannot drive yourself home after the session due to the use of local anesthesia.

Since the hair loss treatment uses your own stem cells, you don’t need to worry much about the minimal risk of rejection.

According to an Italian research on stem cell hair transplants, it has very promising results. It shows a 29 percent increase in the subject’s hair density 23 weeks after getting the procedure.

However, stem cell hair treatment can be quite expensive. But if you have tried so many solutions before without any success and you are willing to try this new method, stem cell may be your chance to restore your hair to its former glory. Just make sure to find the best clinics offering the therapy, those who can show proven and tested results with previous patients.


1. Is the treatment painful?

Stem cell hair treatment is not painful. You’ll feel a slight prick during the transplant and stem cell extraction but it is nothing that would cause you harm.

2. Does the procedure have side effects?

This treatment has no side effects and practically safe. You might feel mild, manageable prick during the transplant but it cause you no harm.

3. Is there a long downtime?

Most patient can go on their daily lives the following day. You may expect to have slight sore for about a week after the procedure.

4. How long does the procedure take?

The procedure usually complete within 1 hour from the consultation to the end of treatment.

5. When can I start to see results?

You can start expecting the result in as soon as 1 month! You can achieve this result without any surgery or pain.
However, the result may vary from one person to another depending on severity of the problem, genetics, age, amount of area covered etc. So each patient is different and the result will vary.

6. How long do the result last?

The result from stem cell hair treatment is permanent. Once you go for this procedure, you’ll not be having hair problem anymore! However, a number of 5-6 session is required for this treatment depending on how severe is your situation.

7. What should I do/don’t after the procedure?

You’re refrained from doing exercise for at least 1 week to let the natural healing process takes place. Do not go for swimming at least for the next 3 days as it could cause you infection from the dirty water.

There would be some redness on the scalp. A warm shower is recommended to reduce it as it helps in blood circulation. Shampoo should be avoided in the first 2 days to let the Stem Cell set and do their work.

8. Is there any food restrictions after the procedure?

There is no need to avoid any food for this procedure. You may enjoy your daily meals as usual.

9. What’s the entire process like, from the start of getting an appointment till the end of procedure?

The process starts with a consultation session with our expert doctors. Here we can determine whether you’re a suitable candidate to go for Stem Cell Hair Treatment. Hair-losing patients usually are advised to go for other hair therapy treatments as it would boost your hair production better.

Then, the doctor would harvest healthy hair follicle around a 2mm area from your scalp without any pain, bleeding or discomfort. Do not worry as anaesthesia will be used during this process to give you a comfortable experience.

The harvested hair follicle then would be put in a special high tech machine to filter and extract the stem cell from it. Next, the stem cell will be injected slowly and carefully into the balding area and let it naturally rejuvenate your scalp to have a healthy, youthful set of hair!

10. How much does the consultation costs?

The consultation session in Premier Clinic is absolutely FREE! We believe in understanding your concerns and problems before offering you a suitable solution. Should you’re interested, kindly contact the above phone number required.

11. Is the procedure expensive? How do I get the price estimate?

Premier Clinic offers you some payment plans that would suit your needs. The services in Premier Clinic are also competitively priced so you wouldn’t need to bust your piggy bank!

Premier Clinic offers you the best services. We use the best solutions and the best machinery in the market to give you excellent user experience and to ensure maximum protection. You would not have to worry when you come to us as our services are guaranteed the best in town!

12. How long do I make an appointment? Your locations and opening hours?

Appointments have to be made at least 1 day before the intended date. However, we would recommend making an early reservation to ensure that you get the session of your convenience. Kindly reach out through Whatsapp/call to +6012-662-5552 to make a booking now!

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