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Cryolipolysis Sessions for our Volunteers

Have you ever wondered why some people have dimples on their cheeks whereas others don’t? Scientists have discovered that if a child consumes a lot of ice cream or popsicles, they have a higher tendency to develop dimples. This phenomena is called apoptosis, whereby the cold temperature of the ice cream kills of fat cells in the cheeks, thus creating the dimpled appearance. Interesting!

Based on this finding, scientists have created the cryolipolysis (cryolipo for short) procedure whereby cold temperatures are used to injure and kill of fat cells. A cryolipolysis machine freezes the fats to 5 degrees Celcius. At this temperature, other tissues are not affected as they are more resilient to cold. Thus skin, nerves, muscles and internal organs are not harmed by cryolipo. However, fat cells are more sensitive to cold temperatures and are eliminated by the body naturally over time after the cryolipo procedure.

A session of cryolipo can give you some results, but the best results would be after several sessions. And you will need to wait 3 to 4 months after the last session to see the best results. This is because the injured and dead fat cells need time to be fully eliminated by our body’s natural immune system.

A session of cryolipolysis takes 1 hour and each session can be performed once a month. The procedure has minimal downtime and one can go back to work, exercise and conduct their usual daily activities right after the procedure.

Premier Clinic had several volunteers today who came for cryolipo demonstration sessions. They were attended to by Premier Clinic’s aesthetic doctor, Dr Elaine Chong.








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