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Cryolipo Procedure by Dr Kee Yong Seng

Most men have some fats over their tummy and love handles. No matter how much a guy can exercise or diet, these are commonly the stubborn areas of fat which will not go away easily.

As for ladies, their areas of stubborn fat differ from men. Ladies tend to gather adipose tissue over the lower belly, sometimes called the pooch. Buttocks and thighs are also areas of stubborn fat.

To help reduce the unsightly appearance of belly rolls, love handle spare tyres and even fats on the arms and inner thighs, cryolipolysis is something to be considered. Cryolipolysis, or cryolipo for short, is the use of cold temperatures to kill off fat cells. It’s has some of the results of liposuction but without the risks or side effects of surgery.

Cryolipolysis works by freezing the undesired fat to 5 degrees Celsius. That is cold enough to injure and kill off the fat cells, which are eliminated by the body in a natural way. The best results would take some time time, up to 3 or 4 months after the procedure since our body needs time to clear off the fats. However, slight changes can be seen 1 to 2 month post procedure.

We had several volunteers this week at Premier Clinic Taman Tun Dr Ismail trying out our cryolipolysis. Most of them find the procedure very bearable. The cold temperature numbs the treated areas so that it is not painful during the hour long cryolipo. Our patients were attended to by Dr Kee Yong Seng.








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