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Clatuu Fat Freezing Treatment

clatuu 360 degrees fat freeze

It is a common misconception that when you lose weight, you lose fat. The truth is, when you lose weight, the size of fat cells only reduces but does not make them go away. However, it is a different story altogether if you start talking about fat reduction. You would want to switch to an alternative fat reduction method that eliminates fat cells completely, decreasing the chances of gaining more weight the next time around. To accomplish this, you need a treatment that freezes fat cells since they’re sensitive to the cold.

Why Clatuu For Fat Freezing?

If you want to get rid of unwanted fats without undergoing any type of surgery, Clatuu, with its dual fat freezing devices. It cools fat cells without causing damage to other tissues, making it a safer option than liposuction. It works fast as dual applicators meant that two areas of your body can be treated all at once during one session. Since it is a non-surgical treatment, it does not require downtime, which is perfect for working professionals, especially since a single session only lasts for an hour. Clatuu is best used in freezing fat cells in the lower belly, saddlebags, love handles, the flanks, upper arms, bra bulges, or back fat. It should be noted though that Clatuu should not be seen as a weight loss treatment but a body sculpting treatment.

Clatuu Machine

How Clatuu Works To Reduce Fat

Clatuu treatment is a cryolipolysis therapy that takes advantage of the fact that fat cells are easily vulnerable to cold, hence a -9 degree Celsius Clatuu handpiece with 50 Kpa suction can cause natural cell death within the 40- to 60-minute treatment session. The dead fat cells are then released from your body through a natural metabolic process for 6 to 12 weeks. As a result, the fat deposits in your body will reduce significantly without touching the surrounding skin and tissues.

It is only normal to feel as though the skin in the treated area is being pulled into a vacuum. You may feel a little discomfort, but not an intense pain. Once the applicator starts the cooling process, you might feel the sting for being exposed to the cold, although this sensation typically only lasts for around 10 minutes.

clatuu fat freezing process

results after fat freezing for 90 days

What to Expect from Clatuu

If you try the Clatuu fat freezing treatment in Malaysia, it is only normal for the treated area to feel cold and look reddish, although these side effects disappear within an hour. There may also be some bruising that will later fade after four to seven days. You may also feel some numbness for a one to three weeks. Since this is a non-invasive treatment, it does not really have serious side effects. The treated fat cells will then go through apoptosis, start to shrink, then get metabolized by your body within 6 to 12 weeks.

With this body contouring treatment, though, you have to be patient while waiting to see the results, which may only show after four to 12 weeks. It does work with one applicator removing one inch at a time, which meant losing two inches per session.

Any man or woman may get a Clatuu treatment, but the ideal candidate for one is someone who is already fit but has a few resistant fat and bulges that cannot be reduced through weight loss and workout.

Clatuu Target Treatments

As part of the preparation for the treatment, you need to refrain from consuming large meals before or after Clatuu and avoid caffeine and alcohol on the designated treatment day.

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1. Is the treatment painful?

You might feel minor discomfort and manageable pain while doing Clatuu Fat Freezing treatment. In the process whereby we freeze the fat cells, a vacuum is used to suck on your skin. However, this process takes just about 10 minutes and a special Clatuu gel, Matrix Gel Pad is used to reduce discomfort and ensure maximum safety. Our doctor will then massage the treated area to return the texture back to normal.

2. Does the procedure have side effects?

Clatuu Fat Freezing treatment does not cause harm to your health. There might be some redness, bruises and swelling after the treatment but this is normal and could be reduced by placing ice on the affected area. The bruises and swelling will reduce by itself in about 3-4 days. Besides that, there are no side effects associated with the treatment.

Warm shower can also help in blood circulation especially in the affected area.

3. Is there a long downtime?

Clatuu Fat Freezing treatment is a safe, non-surgical treatment. There’s no downtime required.

4. How long does the procedure take?

The procedure for Clatuu Fat Freezing would take about 1 to 2 hours to complete from the consultation to the end of the treatment. The duration of the procedure depends highly on the fat thickness.

5. When can I start to see results?

The destroyed fat cells will exit the body naturally through the metabolism process. The result may be seen as early as within 4 weeks. However, you may expect to see the optimum result in 6 to 12 months after the procedure. Bear in mind that Clatuu Fat Freezing works naturally to reduce your fat cells so it might take some time rather than the normal liposuction.

6. How much can I lose with Clatuu Fat Freezing Treatment?

Clatuu Fat Freezing treatment can help you lose the number of fat cells in treated areas by 25% – 30% per session. As those stubborn fat bulges start to reduce, it gives you a more sculptured, thinner self!

7. What should I do/don’t after the procedure?

Clatuu Fat Freezing Treatment is a body sculpturing treatment. It cannot help with obesity or existing condition. You’re recommended to stay hydrated as it helps in getting rid of the destroyed fat cells. You’re also advised to stay on a healthy diet and exercise as it helps to maintain the effects of Clatuu.

8. Is there any food restrictions after the procedure?

There is no need to fast yourself after the treatment. You may eat as usual and even enjoy the all-you-can-eat buffet as you’d like!

9. What’s the entire process like, from the start of getting an appointment until the end of procedure?

The process starts with a FREE consultation session with our expert doctor where you’ll be advised on how much fat can be reduced depending on your current situation. Then, you’ll be placed on a bed where Clatuu machine will be placed on your targeted area. This process will take about 10 minutes where the machine will suck on your skin while simultaneously freezing your fat cells. Then the doctor will massage the area slowly to return the texture to normal.

10. How much does the consultation costs?

The consultation session is FREE of charge, as Premier Clinic believes in ensuring our customers get the best treatment they could. You may make an appointment by contacting the phone number above.

11. Is the procedure expensive? How do I get the price estimate?

The prices at Premier Clinic is very competitive compared to other aesthetic clinics in Kuala Lumpur. We use the best available technology in the market to provide you with the best service at an affordable price. We also have alternative payment plans that would suit your needs.

12. How long do I make an appointment? Your locations and opening hours?

If you would like to know more about Clatuu as a fat freezing treatment, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 012-662 5552 (TTDI/Bangsar/KL City branch) or 016-706 0101 (Puchong branch) to schedule a free consultation session. Alternatively, you may email us at contactus@premier-clinic.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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