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Laser Birthmark Removal


Birthmarks are generally either red or brown and vary greatly in size and appear on different parts of the body. Red marks consist of tiny blood vessels, while brown marks are made up of brown pigment (melanin) that protects your skin from UV rays. Facial birthmarks are common and usually are the cause of most patients’ concern. Red birthmarks include “strawberry”, port-wine stains, stork bites and hemangiomas while brown birthmarks may consist of moles, “café-au-lait” or Mongolian spots. The café-au-lait is the most common brown birthmark and is flat, light brown and well circumscribed. Some birthmarks may actually be associated with health problems so be sure to consult your doctor carefully to determine if this is the case before proceeding with treatments.


The q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser works by stimulating collagen production which is used by the skin to generate new cells. This new technology allows scars and wrinkles to be treated at the root, deep in the skin. Using laser energy that penetrates deeply without injuring the top layer of skin, the deeper layers of skin is stimulated to produce natural collagen and other vital proteins that make up healthy and youthful-looking skin.* This q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser treatment is relatively swift and is painless, with the added bonus of very little or no downtime for patients.


Immediately after q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser treatment, the area will appear blotchy for several hours and the brown area will darken in colour. After 1-2 weeks, the darkened pigment naturally “washes off” to leave behind a much lighter colour.

Most birthmarks will remain this lighter colour, and you will have the option to decide on additional treatment sessions to further reduce the colour if you remain unsatisfied with the overall appearance. It is essential to use a high quality sun screen after treatment to reduce the risk of repigmentation or hyperpigmentation.