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Biofibre Hair Implant


This is a minor surgical process which utilises artificial hair that is compatible with the human body, planting them one by one into a specific area affected by balding or hair loss (alopecia), and is known to be a treatment method that is safe. This procedure allows individuals to regain their confidence as the artificial hair looks and feels completely natural, and blends in well to give them a thick head of hair that is aesthetically pleasing.

Advantages include:

Aesthetic and natural results

  • Greater hair density
  • Simple, quick, reversible, and painless
  • No downtime required following implants
  • Hair thickening that is gradual and progressive
  • Implants can be a standalone treatment or combined with other methods

It is important to note that the treatment lasts for a few years, after which repeat implants are required in order to maintain your hair density and aesthetics. After care and scalp hygiene is equally crucial to maintaining your appearance, and these implants are not recommended for individuals with scalp diseases.


In most cases, a light dermatologic surgery resolves most cases of balding satisfactorily. There is no limit to the number of biofibre hairs that can be inserted into the scalp as this depends on the patient’s condition. It is a suitable treatment for both men and women at any stage of the alopecia, and maintenance can be performed with small quantities of repeat implants at regular intervals to ensure the level of hair thickness remains constant.

The hair is made from a biocompatible medical fibre that provokes very minimal foreign-body reactions; these reactions can be identified and countered prior to regular sessions. If required, biofibre hairs can also be extracted in one piece in order for scalp treatments or any other hair restoration techniques to be performed. Safety is not an issue as each hair has a reversible knot which allows for scar-free removal if needed.

Causing minimal discomfort, the hairs are very resistant to physical, mechanical and chemical stress, while most patients report a high degree of satisfaction with the treatment and results. There may be minor inflammations but this is easily resolved, and your doctor will advise you of any potential minor, negligible reactions associated with the treatment.