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Aerisk Ong’s review on her “Bacne Treatment”at Premier Clinic

image taken from "http://www.florenceandlace.com/"(image was taken from www.florenceandlace.com)

The El Nino is expected to last until end of May according to the the Malaysian Meteorological Department. During the hot days, most of us will see breakouts on our necks, chest, shoulders and the area which we’re going to discuss today, our backs.

Back acne (aka “bacne”) is fairly common among Malaysian who live in the hot country. Sweat is one of the causes for the backne as it creates the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive and also aggravates existing conditions.

Malaysian blogger, Aerisk Ong is one of them who is suffering from bacne problem. “My bacne is always my concern when it comes to sexy outfit for me.”, she said. She admitted that she had tried many DIY treatments at home but the result wasn’t that good. Today, she can finally start waving goodbye to her “bacne” as she has found the remedies for them at Premier Clinic. Here’s the full review of Aeris receiving bacne treatment at Premier Clinic TTDI:  Aerisk’s full review on Skinpeel at Premier Clinic KL

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