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Why Do Ladies Prefer Fairer Skin?

Why Do Ladies Prefer Fairer Skin

The trend of skin whitening is nothing new for Asian women, with many believing that it is more desirable to have a lighter skin tone. Whether they have skin whitening procedures done or take skin whitening supplements for personal or professional reasons, there is no doubt that this practice is widespread.

Although some may dispute the morality or motive behind skin whitening, there is no denying that it is looked on more favourably in certain parts of the world. In both South and East, fair skinned individuals are plastered across the media and promote products relentlessly. Celebrities and high society often have fairer skin tones and are constantly thrust into the limelight. This is largely down to one thing – fair skin is often seen as a status symbol.

Why Do Ladies Prefer Fairer Skin

In India, the market for whitening creams and salves has grown massively to become an industry worth about US$400 million annually. Furthermore, a marketing study conducted in 2014 found that about 90% of female respondents said that skin lightening was considered a high need for them. With such ingrained beliefs, it is not surprising that India’s market for skin whitening supplements and procedures is so big.

Why Do Ladies Prefer Fairer Skin


Aside from conventional skin whitening supplements and creams, individuals that want to undergo skin whitening treatments can look into procedures like vitamin C therapy and glutathione therapy.

Vitamin C therapy consists of a solution that can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream, making it a fast-acting treatment for skin whitening. It is administered using very fine needles and works by stopping the production of melanin in your skin, which is a pigment that protects your skin from UV rays but also causes it to become darker. As there is no need to remember to follow a regular schedule of taking oral supplements, it is suitable for busy working individuals as the treatments can be scheduled a long time apart.

vitamin C therapy

glutathione therapy


Another treatment method is glutathione therapy, which involves introducing more vitamin E nutrients into your skin. As a strong anti-oxidant, the glutathione neutralizes free radicals that are harmful to your body while causing the regeneration of other antioxidants such as vitamin E. It is thought that vitamin E helps to reduce your skin’s production of melanocytes which leads to less melanin being produced overall. Glutathione therapy also improves your overall health as it latches onto harmful substances in your body before it is naturally disposed of via urine or bile.


At Premier Clinic, we believe in making people feel comfortable in their own skin. We strongly advise individuals that want to undergo vitamin C therapy or glutathione therapy to be fully certain of their decision and to consider all aspects and the impact of having such a procedure done. If you are keen to undergo skin whitening procedures such as vitamin C or glutathione therapy, we encourage you to book a free consultation session with us before treatment.

Our team of friendly and expert doctors will be on hand to offer guidance and explain the entire process thoroughly during the initial consultation session to ensure that you will understand the bigger picture. It will also ensure that the downtime and recovery period will be smoother as you will know what to expect.

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