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Solar Lentigo & Pigmentation Laser Demo

Solar lentigo are a kind of pigmentation which is worsened when one is exposed to too much sunlight. Aging and genetics are also factors which can worsen this condition.

Solar lentigo are caused by localised proliferation of melanocytes,  or cells which produces pigments. They usually arise when a person is middle aged and are worsened by sun damage. They are often found on the face and hands since these areas are most exposed to direct sunlight. They are larger and more defined than freckles. They tend to be present for long periods.

Our volunteer Mr Azam and Miss Madziatun visited Dr Aarthi Maria for a session of Fotona q-Switch Nd:YAG laser which is useful for treating this benign skin condition. Miss Madziatun was also keen to whiten her skin complexion,  which can be helped by using the Q-Switch laser.

The laser works by breaking up melanin into small fragments.  Our body’s immune system will then remove the broken up melanin fragments and remove it naturally from our body.  Thus the pigmentation lightens over time.

Read about Q-Switch lasers for pigmentation removal here.

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