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Hair Filler Treatment

Hair Filler Treatment

The new Hair Filler gel is a 7-peptide hair cell and scalp revitalizer. The injection gel, created by hair experts using a special formula, is effective for hair regrowth. It was solely created for treating hair problems including hair fall, thinning hair and more. If all the protocols are followed, hair regrowth can occur within 2 months.


The Hair Filler is a hair loss treatment. The gel contains internationally approved patented peptides as active ingredients. It promotes blood circulation in the scalp and revitalises hair follicles. The 7 peptides in the gel induce hair growth by increasing the size of the hair follicles. This also helps to stop hair loss.

The patented peptide ingredients yield many benefits. Developed with drug sustained release technology, the hair filler gel contains Phosphate Buffered Saline, Hyaluronic Acid, Decapeptide-28, Decapeptide-18, Decapeptide-10, Oligopeptitde-71, Oligopeptitde-54, Octapeptide-2, and Octapeptide-11. The functions of each peptide is summarised in the following table:

Peptide Function
Decapeptide-18 & Decapeptide-28 Simulate pathways of hair growth and launches stem cells for improving hair growth.
Decapeptide-10 Promotes angiogenesis in the hair follicles. This will prevent apoptosis.
Decapaptide-19 & Oligopeptide-71 Maximizes the formation of hair follicles. This combination is also very helpful for generating hair colour.
Oligopeptide-54 Strengthens hair cells in order to block hair loss pathways.
Octapeptide-2 Promotes the transfer of hair stem cells.


Intradermal Injection Prevent Hair Loss

The Hair Filler gel is injected into the scalp of the patient’s skin by a dermatologist, using a point injection or intra-derma injection. This trans-dermal delivery system helps to deliver all the active peptide complexes to the innermost layers of the scalp surface.

The Hair Filler increases the strength of sparse hair and increases hair thickness. Because of the innovative trans-dermal delivery system, the peptides in the gel can safely access the deepest follicles.

The treatment frequency is usually 1 session every two weeks for 8 weeks, which is 4 sessions in 2 months.


The Hair Filler treatment is suitable for both men and women. It is suitable for the following types of people:

  • Alopecia patients
  • Patients with feneral hair thinning
  • Hair transplant patients who want to increase the survival rate of their transplanted hair
  • Alopecia patients who want to have a synerfic effect combining with other applications for hair loss or hair regrowth treatments


hair loss before after

hair loss before after

hair loss before after


The Hair Filler was produced after many years of R&D. It does not cause any harm to the patient’s body after the treatment.

However, please be aware that this product can only be administered by a licensed medical professional who has undergone proper training. Please do the necessary checks on your preferred clinic before making your choice.

Hair Filler

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