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Hair Loss Finasteride Oral / Regro Spray



One of the lesser known methods to treat hair loss or balding (alopecia) is via Finasteride tablets under the Propecia brand, which are consumed orally. This tablet is specifically developed to counter male pattern baldness, and should not be consumed by women.



Finasteride works in the body by blocking the actions of the 5-alpha reductase; this helps to stop the enzyme from converting testosterone in the male’s body to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), reducing the adverse effect it has on the hair follicles in the scalp and thus reducing hair loss.*

The recommended dose is 1mg and is consumed once a day – this should lead to a noticeable reduction in hair loss after a few months of consumption and new hair should begin growing back within this period of time.* Finasteride is a long-term treatment and you should continue consuming tablets for as long as your doctor recommends you to. Abruptly stopping the treatment will result in newly grown hair shedding after a few months, and eventually your scalp will return to its original condition.


Taking Finasteride tablets may result in a decreased libido and a weaker erection in some individuals during the first few weeks of the treatment. This side effect should subside naturally within a few weeks, with no long-term effects caused by it as the drug is considered safe.

It is possible to combine the oral Finasteride with the Regro 5% (Minoxidil) hair spray; this should increase the effect on your scalp and reverse hair loss more quickly and visibly.* This will also depend on the doctor’s recommendation, as your medical history, physical exam results and consultation will be used to determine the best course of action for your particular situation







It is a medicinal spray that treats and reverses balding, and sold under the brand name Regro, Regaine or Rogaine. Both men and women may use this product and can help to treat balding of the crown.


The spray should be used twice a day, 5-6 sprays at a time. It causes the scalp’s blood vessels to vasodilate, improving the blood circulation in the area which results in more nutrients, oxygen and blood flowing in the scalp. This will stop the shedding of hair after a few months of use, and new hairs will begin to grow soon after this.* It is a long-term treatment and should be used regularly, as the newly grown hair will fall out if the spray is not being used.

There is usually no side effects but individuals with a history of chest pains, heart conditions or fainting should consult your doctor before using this spray. During the initial consultation, our doctors will thoroughly evaluate your medical history and subject you to tests in order to ensure that this treatment is safe and suitable for you.