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Fotona Laser for Snoring Problem


Snoring affects many people of all ages, but it can be extremely problematic for select individuals, especially if it is very loud. The sound made by snoring is caused when the muscles in the throat, tongue and roof of the mouth are all relaxed, resulting in the loose throat tissue sagging. During breathing, this tissue tends to flap about which causes the airways to tighten up, or in some cases, become completely blocked. The narrower the airways are, the greater the vibration caused by breathing, leading to extremely loud snoring.

Snoring Issues

Fotona Laser Snoring Treatment

Not only can it lead to a lack of quality sleep, it can also be troublesome for your spouse or partner if a bed is shared as the loud snoring can often be disruptive. While this might have previously been a condition that could not be treated, Premier Clinic is proud to introduce what is essentially a cure for snoring, known as the Fotona laser.


The Fotona laser treatment is non-invasive and can help to tackle the problem of excessive snoring during sleep. It is the perfect treatment for patients that are anxious about surgery, with a non-ablative laser utilised to tighten skin at the back of your mouth as well as stimulate collagen production in the treated area to stimulate self-repair. This also leads to a contraction in the back of the throat which can offer better support to the uvula and airways where snoring comes from. As a result, larger airways allows for greater intake of oxygen during breathing and reduces snoring substantially.

Nightlase Snoring Treatment

Fotona Laser Snoring Procedure Demonstration

Fotona Laser Snoring Procedure Demonstration

Fotona Laser Snoring Procedure Demonstration

Fotona Laser Snoring Procedure Demonstration

In addition, this laser treatment for snoring is not painful and also does not lead to any complications after the procedure. It is a very swift treatment which can be performed in mere minutes, and is clinically proven to reduce snoring substantially. In some cases, it may even be eliminated completely but it is important to note that this will not be the case for everyone, with results varying from person to person.

Treatments should ideally be done once every three weeks until significant improvements are noticeable, but this will depend on your condition. Repeat sessions can also improve how long the effects of the Fotona laser lasts for, and this will be discussed with you during the consultation session with our doctors.


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