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Buttocks Filler

Good firm buttocks are incredibly hard to gain even with targeted exercises and a strict diet. Fillers aim to mould your buttocks to give you the exact shape that you desire, leaving you feeling perfect and confident in your body!

In the past, plastic surgeons would have to perform surgery to augment the buttocks. Surgery is painful, has potential side effects and complications such as swelling, bleeding, infection, scarring and long recovery time. There is also the risk of silicone implants rupturing. Surgery is also very expensive.

Nowadays, doctors worldwide including our aesthetic doctors at Premier Clinic are no longer relying on surgery for buttocks enhancements. Premier Clinic offers buttocks enhancement or enlargement by injection of filler consisting of hydrophilic gel. Our aesthetic doctor injects a biodegradable filler that provides long lasting effect of up to 3 years with high safety profile and no long term risks. The results are buttocks which are more shapely and less sagging, yet appear and feel very natural.


These can be injections or implants, both of which serve the purpose of shaping and moulding your buttocks into a more aesthetically pleasing shape. Fat injections are less invasive than implants, and also have the advantage of more natural-looking results. Surgery is also a much quicker process and causes less scarring, while the downtime is shorter and the post-op procedures much less complicated than others.

You can opt for anaesthesia during the treatment, with your doctor explaining what options are available for you.


The treatment is suitable for both men and women, and the results will be noticeable once the swelling has gone down and your fluid retention improves. Your buttocks should now have a much increased volume, looking more rounded in shape.

Your doctor will schedule a detailed consultation session with you to determine if you are a suitable candidate for buttock filler. In addition, the entire procedure will be outlined during the discussion, where our doctor will aim to customise the treatment to give you the results you desire. The consultation is very important to determine your suitability for the treatment, and other forms of buttock augmentation will be recommended if fillers are not suitable for you.

The fillers procedure is comfortable and very tolerable as the product is mixed with anesthetic medicine to numb the area while it is being injected. You may also choose to be sedated so you can sleep peacefully while the procedure is being performed.

There are very minimal side effects such as swelling or redness and no long term complication with our buttocks filler as the filler is a natural substance in the form of hydrophilic gel with similar molecular structure as that found in the human body. You can be back to your usual routines such as work and exercise quickly after the procedure.

To ensure that the results are long-lasting, you should lead a healthy lifestyle as well as maintain your current weight. Your doctor will also provide you with post-op instructions that you should follow for the recovery process to be as smooth as possible.

Our female aesthetic doctors are very experienced and well-versed with buttocks enhancement with the use of fillers. The treatment is also completely reversible for complete peace of mind.


Buttocks Filler

Buttocks Filler