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Fotona Erbium Laser For Acne Scar – Blogger Iris Yeoh

Dr Foo Wing Jian with Iris Yeoh

Living in Malaysia, we are constantly exposed to conditions that contribute highly to skin problem. Among the factors are our weather, air humidity, dusts, food quality (oily, GMF), and lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, etc). These unhealthy conditions will lead to the build-up of sebum in our skin which then resulted in acne.

Although the acne only stays for a while, it usually leaves behind hideous acne scar that haunts us the rest of our live. However, thanks to the development of medical technology, we are now able to eliminate the scar in matter of days.

Consultation by Dr Foo

Fotona Laser for face

We were approached by blogger Iris Yeoh from www.irisyeoh.blogspot.com who has the similar problem. Iris has had her acne scar problem for quite some time now and would prefer her life without them. Iris met up with our Dr Foo to discuss about her problem, and Dr Foo suggested her to do Fotona Erbium laser to help resurfacing the scar.

Fotona Erbium laser is a very effective solution to deal with acne scar. It penetrates deep into the skin layer and boosts the collagen production within the skin. The increase in the collagen will repair the damaged skin tissues and decrease the effects of scarring on your skin. As a side advantage of the treatment, it also improves skin complexion and reduces pigmentation. The difference between Fotona laser and Pico laser is Fotona laser is more suitable to deal with skin resurfacing whereas Pico laser is more suitable for any kind of pigmentation or tattoo.

Fotona Erbium Laser for acne scar

Before the procedure, Dr Foo examined Iris to see her skin condition, as sensitive skin would have a slight reaction to the laser treatment. Quite contrary to the popular opinion, laser treatment is not painful. At most, it is often described as a short series of hot spots, and you will lose the sensation quite quickly. After the treatment, there will be temporary redness on the skin and it will reduce in about 2-3 days. Normally, there are no side effects with the laser treatment, however, it differs from one patient to another. Patients with sensitive skin will take some time to heal.

After the several days, the skin will peel off, revealing the newer, younger looking skin below. The new skin will be more flexible, and less scarred than normal. For more severe cases of acne scar, second or third session of treatment may be required. An optimum result can be seen as early as the second week after the treatment.

Fotona Laser for acne scars

We hope Iris is happy with her new skin. Should you are interested in having a consultation with our expert doctors, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service representatives at 012-662-5552 (Whatsapp/Call) or through email at contactus@premier-clinic.com.

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