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How to Choose a Suitable Doctor or Clinic for Your Aesthetic Procedure


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All of us yearn to have flawless and youthful skin to look good all the time. Advancement in medical sciences has made it possible through non-invasive means. There are a lot of aesthetic clinics all over the Klang Valley, all of whom come with a long list of credible doctors and services. How then do you find a suitable one? Well, this will involve some detailed research and preparation. Here, we share some useful tips on how to find a suitable doctor and aesthetic clinic for your procedure.

Suitable Doctor or Clinic for Your Aesthetic Procedure

#1 – Do your research

The Internet has made research easier. There is always Google or Yahoo where you can seek answers by reading reviews or comments on the respective clinics, aesthetic doctors or even find out about their services or charges as well as all relevant information regarding the particular procedure of your interest.

Bear in mind that reviews and comments are very subjective, due to individual experiences. However, if you see more negative than positive comments or reviews, there goes the alarm. You should be careful.

#2 – Get recommendations or referrals

It is wise to get referrals from your friends or those who have been to a particular clinic or seen a particular aesthetic doctor for their opinion. This is the most trustworthy way as you are hearing from someone who has personally experienced the service, clinic or the doctor’s professionalism.

#3 – Get to know the doctor personally

Make a first initial contact or appointment to consult the doctor. In this way, you can evaluate if the doctor or the clinic is right for you. A good doctor is one who answers all your questions patiently to clear any doubts you might have. The doctor should not be rushing you, because there is another patient waiting, or he or she has some other things to do. Also, it is important that you feel comfortable being around him or her and vice versa. It is also equally important for the doctor to be contactable at all times during your decision-making period. For example, you can easily contact him or her with further questions via email or whatsapp messages.

#4 – Ask for before and after photos

Do not solely rely on testimony or stock photos from the clinic, but ask for actual before and after photos of current and past clients to gauge the effectiveness and professionalism of the doctor and clinic. If they refuse to show you actual photos or give you excuses that it is private, then it is fishy. They might not be telling the truth about what they can really offer.

Prior to making a decision, it is a good idea to check or find out more about the aesthetic doctor. Any doctor can say they perform aesthetic treatment or surgery. However, there are a few ways to make sure the doctor you are considering is truly qualified for the procedure. According to the Aesthetic Medical Guidelines by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, all doctors need to have a basic knowledge and training before offering any Aesthetic Medical Services to patients.

#5 – Doctor’s training and qualifications

Of course, you would want to find a doctor who is specially trained in the field and not just anyone with a medical qualification. To be sure, check out their qualifications, which are usually listed on their websites. Look out for appropriate training for aesthetic surgery procedures, which include plastic surgery, otolaryngology (facial), ophthalmology (facial areas around the eyes) and dermatology (skin). Doctors trained in these areas often have additional training with certifications from professional membership boards.

#6 – Board certification and membership in professional associations

Like many other professions, besides their educational qualification, they would need board certification to practice. The Malaysian Medical Association governs the practice of all medical professionals in the country. You can check for their practice code on their website. There are also others that are specifically for the respective areas of practice.

#7 – Make sure that the doctor operates from a proper premises

Make sure that the doctor operates from proper premises as the Ministry of Health prohibits any doctor from practicing at any place not registered. Hence, no doctors can perform any aesthetic treatment outside their registered premises, such as home, hotels or beauty salons, as this is illegal in Malaysia. You can check whether the clinic is listed under Annual Practicing Certificates (APC), which is required to be publicly displayed at the clinic.

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