What Causes Puffy Eye Bags?

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We daily come across people suffering from eye bags. Bags under eyes mean weakening and swelling of the tissues surrounding under your eyes. The problem is becoming more common with every passing day because of the changing routines of our lives. Experts point out different reasons for bags under the eyes to appear. But, all agree that aging process are the main reasons as it naturally weakens the tissues.

What Is Eye Bags


People with puffy eyes suffer from a complexion and consult with doctors to get rid of these bags under their eyes. Eye bags happen because of weakening and loosening of the skin under the eyes. There may be different reasons for this weakening and loosening of the skin. The most common are the aging and excessive use of cosmetics. In rare cases, these eye bags are also due to inherited facial allergies.

How Does Eye Bags Happen



There are three main types of eye bags. Each type differs a little from the other but treatment for all these three types are the same.

Mild Swelling

Mild Swelling

These are the most common type of eye bags and appear in the form of mild swelling under the eyes. These are not much prominent and cannot be seen from all angles. These are visible through some specific angles. These eye bags are easy to treat with the help of filler.

Saggy or Loose Skin

Saggy or Loose Skin

These eye bags are more prominent than type 1 or mild swelling eye bags.There are much more fat gathers around the eyes and change the overall look of the face. These are visible from all angles because little circles are formed around the eyes.

Dark Circles

Dark Circles

These are the severe type of eye bags that not only change the physical outlook of the person but also degrade his self esteem. These are the most prominent dark circles around the eyes that are visible from a considerable distance. The eyes look extraordinary saggy and swollen in this type of eye bags. People suffering from this type of eye bags usually seem tired and aged.


The answer to the question of what causes eye bags is simple. Dermatologists have pointed out many causes of eye bags and dark circles.

Some of the most common causes are:

  • Aging is one of the most common and largest causes of bags under eyes. This is because the tissues and the muscles supporting your eyes weaken with increasing age. As a result, fats and fluids accumulate under the eyes and make these swollen or puffy.
  • Continuous lack of sleep also causes eye bags.
  • Sometimes, people suffer from allergies that can also cause dark eyes,
  • Excessive use of cosmetics can also cause eye bags.
  • Dermatologists also consider smoking as the cause of puffy eyes.
  • These may also be due to inherited skin features.

Causes Of Eye Bags

Causes Of Eye Bags


Dermatologists have suggested various ways to prevent these eye bags.

Some of the most accepted ways are:

  • Quit smoking.
  • Use caffeinated tea bags.
  • Cold compression can also prevent eye bags,
  • Eye bags and dark circles can also be avoided by taking proper sleep. At least, 6-8 hours of sleep is recommended.
  • Excessive intake of water is also beneficial to prevent this issue.
  • You can also take antihistamine and use retinol cream to avoid dark circles.
  • The people living in hot climates can avoid swelling below eyes by wearing sunscreen.
  • Always eat more iron-rich and collagen rich foods.


The most common ways to tighten the skin around your eyes are cool compression and skin therapies. However, cool compression is the most recommended way to tighten the skin. In this method a piece of cloth is washed in cold water and pressed around the eyes for some time. Experts also recommend that excessive cold water intake may also shrink the skin around your eyes.

How To Make Skin Tighter Around The Eyes Area


There are a lot of natural ways or home remedies that can be used to eliminate and reduce eye bags. Promoting natural ways in daily life can be benefited in many aspects, as it cheaps, clean, easy to find, milder, fewer side effects compared to the chemical treatments and also more effective in certain conditions.

Natural ways of eye bags recovery include;

  • Cold water intake– refresh your face with cold water first thing in the morning.It helps in reducing redness and swelling.
  • Proper sleeping– A sufficient of quality sleep  on a regular schedule may help your body feel rested and to regain back the energy. Quality sleep helps keep your mind and body healthy.
  • Cool compression– help in reducing swelling plus rejuvenating the skin.
  • Eating well balanced foods – Eat less salty food, drink more water and less alcohol and promoting healthy lifestyle are good for overall health.

How to Prevent Eye Bags


We can treat eye bags with the help of natural ways and also by certain medications. But, natural ways to avoid dark circles around the eyes are widely practiced because of zero side effects. There are many creams available in the market to apply on the affected parts to remove dark circles. But, the medication is useless if the eye bags are due to the routine of your life.

You will be able to avoid such eye bags and dark circles only by changing the routine of your life. There are also available treatments that promote a faster result with less recovery time including:

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