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Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP) for Acne


A skin disorder that affects both adults and teenagers, acne is more common during puberty but anyone can be affected by it at any stage of their adult life. Acne occurs when skin pores, connected via follicles to oil glands, get blocked by a build-up of oil. This accrual of oil blocks the passageways where a natural liquid known as sebum helps to eliminate dead skin cells, and this blockage underneath the skin causes the formation and growth of pimples.

Most individuals between the ages of 11 and 30 will suffer from acne at some point regardless of gender. However, younger men are more prone to developing acne due to the higher amounts of testosterone in the body, which can worsen the condition.


Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a process whereby blood is drawn from the patient’s body in a manner similar to that of a blood test, which is then placed in a machine that separates the blood cells, platelets and serum. This is then re-injected into the area of the body requiring treatment or rejuvenation and is sometimes referred to as ‘Vampire’ or ‘Dracula’ therapy.

The platelets help the body to repair itself by releasing growth factors, stimulating the skin cells to generate new tissue, in addition to improving skin tone as well as the rate of collagen production. This helps the skin grow back healthily, appearing more vibrant and plump.

Depending on the individual, your doctor will recommend 2-3 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart, but this may vary.


Within a few weeks of PRP treatments, your skin should become noticeably firmer and smoother, with further improvements to come in the months that follow.* These results are usually able to last for about 18 months, but you will need to use top-up treatments to maintain its appearance.

You may experience minimal swelling and bruising for up to a week after treatment, but this is minor and will subside. Almost no downtime is required, and there is minimal risk of side effects as your own plasma is used in this natural treatment, making it a safer option compared to many other anti-aging methods available on the market.

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Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment