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Breast Augmentation & Enlargement

breast augmentation with fillers

Breasts are just one of the most attractive aspects of any woman, but very few people are actually lucky enough to have a naturally perfect pair. This is where breast filler can help as it can shape, contour and mould your breasts exactly the way you want them to look. In addition, the results can help boost your confidence and diminish any sense of self-consciousness.

In the past, plastic surgeons would have to perform surgery to augment the breast. Surgery is painful, has potential side effects and complications such as swelling, bleeding, infection, scarring and long recovery time. There is also the risk of silicone implants rupturing. Surgery is also very expensive.

Nowadays, doctors worldwide including our aesthetic specialists at Premier Clinic are no longer relying on surgery for breast enhancements. Premier Clinic offers breast enhancement and enlargement by injection of fillers consisting of hydrophilic gel. Our aesthetic doctor injects a biodegradable filler that provides a long lasting effect of up to 3 years with high safety profile and no long term risks. The results are breasts which are more shapely and less sagging, yet appear and feel very natural.

breast implants versus breast lift


These are not the same as implants and is a non-invasive treatment method for those who prefer not to go under the knife. Results of breast filler injections can be just as impressive as implants, and uses compounds that are similarly found in face fillers. These are usually injected below the breast tissue, which helps give it a more endowed appearance but the feel of your natural breasts!

Hyaluronic acid fillers are normally used as it is a substance that is naturally present in your body, notably under your skin. After injection, it is absorbed by your body and broken down to become biocompatible. It is safe and even if you are not pleased with the effects of it, a simple injection of an enzyme will digest the filler, removing it from your breast.

No operation is necessary as mentioned above, and your breast can be enlarged by up to one cup size. Your doctor will determine if you are a suitable candidate for breast filler treatment during the initial consultation session. This procedure is usually unsuitable for individuals lacking breast tissue or have sagging breasts.

breast lift with filler injection

breast looks fuller with filler

certified safe fillers for breast augmentation


The results can look much more natural than implants as it fills and shapes the breast as opposed to completely changing its original shape. Furthermore, one of the reasons why breast filler injections are so popular is because it does not leave behind any scarring, and very minimal downtime associated with the procedure.

The procedure is comfortable and very tolerable as the product is mixed with anesthetic medicine to numb the area while it is being injected. You may also choose to be sedated so you can sleep peacefully while the procedure is being performed. There are very minimal side effects such as swelling or redness and no long term complications with our breast filler as the filler is a natural substance with similar molecular structure as that found in the human body. You can be back to your usual routines such as work and exercise quickly after the procedure.

Our female aesthetic doctors are very experienced and well-versed with breast enhancement with the use of fillers. The treatment is also completely reversible for complete peace of mind.


results after Breast filler

Breast filler injections results