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MesoLipo Fat Melting Injection for Body Contouring

mesolipo fat melting injections


Body contouring is an efficient way to help reduce the last bits of stubborn fat that continually resist dieting and natural exercise. As traditional methods of shaping the body do not seem to impact these fat deposits, the MesoLipo fat melting injection can be a suitable alternative to aid your body to remove them.

The MesoLipo fat melting injection is a treatment designed for body contouring and can be used to shape selected body parts to your liking. Using mesotherapy techniques, it targets localised fat deposits and cellulite and is less invasive than alternative methods such as liposuction. The substances in the injection will break down and dissolve these fat deposits, after which the body will move to naturally remove the residue over the next few weeks.

This injection comprises of a natural soy bean lecithin and enzymes that help to target and dissolve small and stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to other methods of weight loss. It can be performed during short visits to our clinic after an initial round of consultation with our doctors to better understand your situation.

Mesolipo injected on the tummy area
injecting on the tummy area to dissolve fats


  • No need for a general anaesthetic as the procedure is painless and does not cause discomfort
  • Short recovery period, allowing a swift return to work and normal activities
  • More affordable than other surgical alternatives
  • Contours body, resulting in a more shapely figure
  • Improves appearance of skin and reduces cellulite

Throughout the world, doctors have successfully utilised and implemented mesotherapy procedures on many patients over the past decade. Non-medical spas and practitioners may struggle with these injections due to little experience, making it extremely important that you seek out a well-known clinic and doctor. This will ensure that you are safe during the procedure and minimises the potential of any unwanted complications.

This method is very useful for reduce the number of localised fat deposits in your body if done within a clinical setting, with results likely to be noticeable after four or more sessions. It can be completed swiftly and any side effects you may experience are minor, such as soreness, swelling and bruising, and will subside naturally in a short period of time.

mesolipo for body contouring


mesolipo fat melting injection