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Plexr Plasma Soft Surgery For Eyes

Plexr plasma soft surgery for eye lifts

Developed in Italy as an innovative alternative to surgery, Plexr is a special medical device that can help to form plasma by ionising the gases in the air. This helps to create an electrical arc that can help to treat problems around the eyelid area without spreading undesirable heat to the skin.

Plexr plasma soft surgery can treat wrinkles around the eyes, and even tighten sagging upper and lower eyelids. It can also diminish scarring or perform blepharoplasty and eyebrow lifts.

Plexr Plasma Soft Surgery


This process is called “soft surgery”, with the portable device helping to retract the skin of the eyelid area. Through the combustion created by the skin corneocytes, the surrounding tissue is not damaged but fine grey-brown scales, also known as carbon dust, will be left behind. However, it will disappear a few days following the treatment.

A topical anaesthesia cream will be applied to your skin prior to the treatment, which helps to minimise any pain and discomfort. Once the skin around your eyes is disinfected, the procedure will commence. You may experience some minor heat and pain during the process but it is tolerable. Once the session is over, there will be tiny black or brown combustion points visible in the selected treatment area.

soft surgery instruments

Plexr plasma soft surgery procedure

Plexr plasma soft surgery & treatment


After treatment, your eyelids will swell up but this will subside within two or three days depending on your condition. The carbon dust left behind will take slightly longer to disappear, which is about four to 10 days. You should avoid scratching, rubbing or picking the treatment area during this time. Your doctor will also guide you on how to care for your skin after each session, and may recommend a special cream to help the recovery.

Plexr plasma soft surgery is not a recommended treatment if you are currently pregnant or have very dark skin. This is due to the risk of hypopigmentation (pale spots) or hyperpigmentation (inflammatory dark spots) occurring, especially if the outlined treatment area is scratched.

Do contact us to schedule a consultation session with our highly experienced and professional doctors, who will be happy to explain and guide you through the treatment.

Plexr Soft Blepharoplasty can lift drooping eyelids with minimal discomfort.


Plexr Before After

Plexr Before After

Plexr Before After

Plexr Plasma Soft Surgery