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Slimming Program

Lose inches while gaining confidence through the Premier Vanquish Slimming Programme and the Premier CoolSculpting Slimming Programme.


Premier Vanquish Slimming Program

Lose 2 or more inches painlessly and with no downtime.


The Premier Vanquish Weight Loss Programme treatment package consists of 1 to 4 sessions of Vanquish Radiofrequency (front and back) and Mesolipo Treatment, 90 minutes each.

What is Vanquish? It is a non-invasive fat removal and fat elimination treatment which utilises safe radiofrequency (RF) technology to help reduce unwanted fat cells. This treatment usually targets adipose tissue over the tummy area, love handles and the back. In the Vanquish treatment, fat in the target area will be heated without ever harming the skin or surrounding muscle tissues. It is especially suitable for both males and females who are experiencing difficulty in shedding those last few inches of fat over the stomach area. First introduced in the US, this revolutionary technology has become widely used globally, including in Malaysia.

You will be pleased to note that the Vanquish treatment is not painful. The device does not touch your skin, and does not hurt or damage the skin. Patients will only feel a ‘warm’ sensation. It only reduces the number of fat cells, but does not affect the surrounding tissue.

The second component of the programme is the MesoLipo treatment, which is a fat melting injection. It is an effective body contouring treatment that can be performed during brief visits to our clinic, after consultation by our doctors. The treatment targets cellulite and localised fat deposits, stubborn fat deposits that resist diet and exercise, using injectable substances. Weight loss and reduction of fat can be achieved without the need for invasive surgery. The injections consist of a natural soy bean lecithin and enzymes.

Administered in a clinical environment, the MesoLipo treatment is quite safe. Results are likely to be visible after four or more treatment sessions. It is a quick procedure. Possible side effects experienced will be minor, such as swelling, bruising and soreness, which will subside naturally in a short period of time.

1 – 4
  • Vanquish Radiofrequency (front and back)
  • Mesolipo Treatment
90 minutes

Package price: RM15000

Optimal frequency: Every week

Validity: 6 months


Premier CoolSculpting Slimming Program

A cool new way to battle the bulge without the pain and downtime of liposuction surgery.

fat freezing coolsculpting

The Premier CoolSculpting Weight Loss Programme treatment package consists of 1 to 3 sessions of Zeltiq CoolSculpting (2 areas) and Mesolipo Treatment, 140 minutes each.

In Zeltiq CoolSculpting Cryolipolysis, cooling technology is used to freeze fatty tissue, targeting the fat cells while leaving the rest of the body unharmed. As the fat breaks down, the body’s natural processes will remove the fat cells over time, resulting in a slimmer figure. This cooling technique is approved by the FDA and has been performed globally. It is a viable option for individuals looking for non-invasive alternatives to surgery or liposuction. There is also no downtime required for this treatment, saving your valuable time.

The coolsculpting procedure is fast. The only side-effects are possible mild bruising or redness, which will subside in a short period of time.

The second component of the programme is the MesoLipo treatment. Why should you choose Mesolipo?

First of all, there is no need for a general anaesthetic as the procedure is painless and does not cause discomfort. Secondly, the recovery period is short, enabling patients to return to work and normal activities fast. In addition, it is more affordable than other surgical alternatives.

Over the past 10 years, doctors worldwide have successfully performed mesotherapy procedures on many patients. However, you have to be careful and selective, as some non-medical spas and practitioners with little experience have had problems administering these injections. It is critical that you seek treatment from a well-established medical clinic with a long and illustrious track record in order to keep yourself safe.


1 – 3
  • Zeltiq CoolSculpting (2 areas)
  • Mesolipo Treatment
140 minutes

Package price: RM15000

Optimal frequency: Every month

Validity: 6 months

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