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Skin Peel for Pores


As a result of a build-up of dirt and sebum underneath the skin, large pores tend to form and is a common occurrence for individuals with oily skin. This causes the skin to swell and stretches the pores as a result, resulting in larger pores than usual. Being overly exposed to the sun will also lead to this as the skin will generate additional cells at the edges of pores to protect itself against the harmful UV rays; this will stretch out the pores. Aging also causes skin to lose its tightness and pores get stretched out when the skin begins to sag instead of snapping back into place.


Recommended for both men and women, skin peel is also known as chemical peel and is suitable for all ages. It is utilised to remove the top layers of the skin, with a peeling solution used to cause the skin to peel off naturally. This reveals a new layer of skin underneath while the old, dead skin cells are naturally removed.

Premier Clinic uses a trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peel, which is one of the original peels used for skin rejuvenation but other types of peels are available depending on the condition of your skin. Your doctor will help you decide on a suitable peel during the consultation.

As the solution takes effect, a burning sensation is normal and a cooling device held over your face will blow out cool air to help alleviate the sting. Upon completion, cold compresses will be applied to assist the cooling process.

The effects and intensity of the peel can be increased with several applications, but this is dependent on your skin type, condition and desired results. Improvements should be expected after each treatment, regardless of the peel used.


Most individuals are recommended a cycle of 2-4 peels but this is dependent on the patient’s condition as well as the intended results. Do consult your doctor in order to determine a suitable number of sessions for optimal results. Each session should be spaced 4 weeks apart. You should also minimise any sun exposure and apply sunscreen lotion. Use a moisturiser at least twice a day.