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SilkPeel Dermalinfusion for Cellulite


Cellulite only consists of fat underneath the skin, and appears to be uneven because it presses up against the connective tissue which results in the skin appearing bumpy. It is not an indicator of obesity nor is it harmful, but it may be unsightly for some individuals. Several causes can contribute to cellulite such as an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, dehydration and a slow metabolic rate among others. It can also be hereditary and if it runs in your family, it is likely that you may also experience cellulite development at some point.


Similar to microdermabrasion, SilkPeel Dermalinfusion removes the top layers of skin to help to remove any dead skin cells present. The vacuum pressure sucks the skin into a chamber within the hand piece, where a diamond head is used to abrade the skin gently or aggressively depending on the set intensity.

It is a level above microdermabrasion as it also infuses a topical solution into the deeper layers of skin, right where fresh skin cells are formed to replace the old ones. This also reactivates the skin’s production of fresh collagen, which is essential for the skin to repair itself. With fresh layers of skin and collagen being produced, cellulite on the old skin will be reduced and your skin will feel smooth and rejuvenated, as well as looking much younger.

The treament will aid in the revitalisation of your skin, while the topical solution should ensure that you will notice an improvement after the first session. Subsequent treatments will help to improve your skin further, with sessions general being spaced 2 weeks apart. After the first cycle is complete, future sessions will take place in between larger intervals, if needed. Your doctor will advise you on an appropriate number of sessions in order to get optimum results.


Each treatment is swift, taking only about 20 minutes which means you can schedule a quick appointment during lunch and head back to work after it. No downtime is required and you can return to your daily routine immediately. Individuals with sensitive skin may experience slight discomfort or a tingling sensation but this should subside after a few hours. Your doctor will also advise and discuss post-treatment maintenance options with you.