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Real Patient Experience PRP For Skin Rejuvenation

Vlogger Jae Xi visited Premier Clinic Mont Kiara

Do you have a lot of acne scars?

Tired of having to cover it with make ups?

Riddled with finding effective ways to reduce the scars?

Worry not, you are not alone. Vlogger Jae Xi visited our Mont Kiara premise to meet up with Dr Foo Wing Jian and discussed her acne scar problem. But first, let us understand how acne scars are formed and what are available treatments.

Patient’s Journey: Vlogger Jae Xi

Patient’s Story: Vlogger Jae Xi

What Is Acne Scar & How Did It Form?

Acne scar is a result of pimples that formed deep in the skin and when popped, resulted in skin tissue damage. As skin tissues damaged, our body will naturally release collagen to cover the punctured wounds. This collagen will build up and repair the skin, however, the overlaps of fibrous collagen build up will result in surfaced scars, darken skin around the wounds or uneven skin texture.

There are many types of acne scars such as dented, red, flat, or anthropic (surfaced). The solutions for each type of acne scars is different than the others, so there’s really no way to decide on what is the best solution for overall acne scar problem.

Of course, the best solution to acne scar is to reduce the risk of it forming in the first place. If you are having a severe acne breakout, we would recommend meeting up with one of our expert doctors to examine the cause of the problem and suggest the best solution for you.

As of Jae Xi, she is currently struggling with hyperpigmentation acne scar, which causes her skin to have different shades of colours. It is easily covered by make-up, however, for a long run, we would advise everyone who has the same problem to seek professional help as soon as possible.

Vlogger Jae Xi visited Premier Clinic Mont Kiara

Vlogger Jae Xi visited Premier Clinic Mont Kiara

Vlogger Jae Xi visited Premier Clinic Mont Kiara

Vlogger Jae Xi visited Premier Clinic Mont Kiara

What Are Available Solutions?

There are many solutions available in the market to get rid of acne scar. First of all, we would ask you to come and have a FREE consultation session with our expert doctor to assess your problem and only then we can recommend the best treatments for you.

Among effective treatments available are:

Facial Laser

By exposing your skin to energy-based laser frequency, it will enable your skin to boost its collagen production. It works by creating new collagen beneath the surface of the skin, thus smoothens skin texture and colour.

Fractional Laser for Pigmentation Removal

Dermal Filler

For dented acne scar, we would recommend doing filler (Hyaluronic acid or bio-stimulator). It helps in filling in the gaps in dented skin, and actively boosting collagen production from within.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) uses the healing properties of your own blood to rejuvenate skin from within. Suitable for every types of scar, with no downtime.

Cellular Matrix PRP - Treatment for Knee Injury


It may look like a roll with micro needles attached to it. It functions as opening the skin up for small wounds. It works by stimulating collagen production to smoothen the skin textures and look, and radiate skin.


More suitable for a deep acne scar, this minor surgical technique to break up the band of fibrous tissues and increase the collagen production from within.


Chemical Peel

Suitable for hyperpigmented acne scars, this treatment utilises laser beam to remove the upper layer of the pigmented skin.

Chemical Peel

To help Jae Xi, we suggested her to do PRP to improve her overall look. PRP treatment was fairly simple. A sample blood was extracted and then put into a centrifuge to help separate the red blood cells with the platelet-rich plasma.

The plasma was then injected into Jae Xi’s face to help solve her acne scar problem. Jae Xi was very happy with her treatment, you may see her testimonial video as below:

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment @ Premier Clinic Review

What’s Next?

If you’re having the same problem as Jae Xi, you may contact our friendly Customer Service at 012-662-5552 via Whatsapp or call or simply drop us an email at contactus@premier-clinic.com.



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