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PRP Was Injected Into Auntie Lilly’s Knees & Repair The Knees

Knee PRP Treatment Premier Clinic

Do you feel easily tired while walking? Do you feel tingling sensation and pain as you’re doing your daily activities? Your knee pain is limiting you from enjoying life with loved ones?

If your answer is yes to all the above, you might be having the same problem as Lilly Hong, or as blogger community affectionately call her, Auntie Lilly. Despite her youthful appearance (and energy!), Auntie Lilly is 55 years old and enjoys sharing her passion in food reviews, tasting, and generally socialising in events through her blog http://www.followmetoeatlah.blogspot.com.

Auntie Lilly is very good in taking care of her health (if you can’t tell from her appearance), but lately she felt like her health was depleting, especially in the knee area. She started to feel some tingling sensation and pain that’s restricted her from going to events and enjoying different kind of food. That’s when she was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, or OA in short, a common condition for elder people. It is caused by the thinning layer of cartilage that functions as a cushion to the bones. A study conducted by the Community Oriented Program for the Control of Rheumatic Diseases (COPCORD) in Malaysia reported that 64.8% of joint complaints were regarding knee. If left untreated, it can lead to knee injury trauma and further knee failure. It is safe to say that osteoarthritis is the leading cause of disabilities among elders.

After thorough research and study regarding OA and its treatment, Auntie Lilly decided to come to us for help.

Knee PRP consultation by Dr Vanessa


Auntie Lilly came contact with the PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma injection by her daughter, Dr. Clarrisha Hong who is also a chiropractor. Dr. Clarissha recommended PRP treatment to Auntie Lilly and even explained on how the treatment would go. When Auntie Lilly heard that Premier Clinic is offering this exclusive treatment, she was quick to go for the treatment.

In Premier Clinic, we provided Auntie Lilly with a free consultation service, led by Dr. Vanessa Leow. Dr. Vanessa listened to her problem and offered her the best solution which is the PRP treatment. She even added that the whole process would take less than 1 hour and its effects can be seen from 4 to 6 weeks after the treatment.

getting ready for knee prp treatment

getting ready for knee prp treatment

numbing cream for knee prp treatment


PRP is an effective, non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for early OA patients that helps strengthening muscle tissues and repairing thinning cartilage in your knees. The solution is extracted from your own blood which contains nutrients beneficial for healing process. It is a key solution to promote cell growth and helps cells to thrive with its nutrients, vitamins, hormones, electrolytes, and growth factor.

It also contains existing molecules to help with the coagulation process and generate fibrin polymer.

PRP is a safe treatment as it doesn’t require any surgery to take place. With that, there is no downtime required for the treatment and there’s very less risk associated with PRP. The proven roles of PRP in helping knees to rebuild its cartilage and provide a better cushion for the bones can help you live a better live.

blood withdrew for prp

blood withdrew for prp


The process started with numbing cream being applied to Auntie Lilly’s knees. Then a small dose of blood was extracted from Auntie Lilly and put into a centrifuge where it helps to separate the platelet-rich plasma from blood cells. Later, the PRP was injected into Auntie Lilly’s knees and let slowly repair the knees. The whole process took less than 1 hour to be completed from the blood extraction to

getting ready for prp injection

getting ready for prp injection

prp injected into knee


The treatment might sound scary (needles and blood?!) but there are no real risks associated with PRP. As the knees will be numbed before the procedure, you can expect minimal risks and discomfort. Patient might expect minor discomfort after the treatment as you’re getting used to the new solution. The PRP will be absorbed naturally by your body after the next 4 to 6 months so there’s nothing you should worry about. Should there’s any complication occur after 2 weeks, kindly contact our aesthetic doctors and we will assist you with it. There could be usual bruises from the injection but it usually reduces naturally in a week or two.

after knee prp injection

Premier Clinic has helped Auntie Lilly with her problems, and the result is just remarkable. We offer the same FREE consultation session for anyone who has any concerns or inquiries regarding the PRP and knee pain. To arrange your consultation session, kindly Whatsapp or call our hotline: 012-662-5552 from 8am to 12pm everyday. We can also be reached at contactus@premier-clinic.com.

Or if you’d like to visit our branches, kindly proceed to the nearest branch in strategic location: TTDI, Bangsar, KL City (at Megan Avenue 1) and Puchong. Look forward to hear from you!



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